Five Special Tag Team Boxes Releasing in France!

France will be getting five GX boxes at various retailers!

The first batch of boxes costs €24,99 and features a jumbo Tag Team card, a regular-sized version, and four booster packs. Carrefour stores will get one featuring Rowlet and Alolan Exeggutor-GX, which is already available. An unknown store will get one featuring Gardevoir and Sylveon-GX.

The second batch of boxes costs €29,99 and will feature an unreleased promo (for France), a jumbo Tag Team card, and a regular-sized version.

Maxi Toys will get a Slowpoke and Psyduck-GX box with a SM207 Sudowoodo promo, Picwictoys will get Espeon and Deoxys-GX with SM99 Mimikyu, and Joueclub will get Umbreon and Darkrai-GX with SM162 Pikachu. All of them will release within the next two weeks.

The Sudowoodo promo was already released in our Unified Minds one-pack blister. France doesn’t get many of our blister pack promos, so these boxes are a way for them to “catch up.” Our English promos are always translated into French for PTCGO, but the promos aren’t always printed in France.

This isn’t the first time France has received their own promo boxes. They also received boxes featuring Tapu Lele-GX, Mimikyu-GX, and Eevee-GX.

Eevee-GX, Espeon & Deoxys-GX, and Umbreon & Darkrai-GX come from our Tag Team Powers Collections, which weren’t released in France.

Thanks goes to Tino for taking these pictures for us!

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  1. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    Wish these had SuMo packs exclusively in, get rid of them quicker.
  2. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    France is really unlucky
  3. The-Kaiser Starfleet Captain and Pokemon Trainer


    are any of these jumbos and promos in French here but not in English yet?
  4. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
    Snowy Lilacs


    No they have already been out in English this past year and last year
  5. The-Kaiser Starfleet Captain and Pokemon Trainer


    Ahh good ive been very behind on whats been released so far was worried id have to buy from France for a jumbo card