Cramorant VMAX, Cinderace VMAX Featured in ‘VMAX Special Set’ Box!

A pre-order listing for Japan’s “VMAX Special Set” box has revealed that the product will feature a new, Colorless-type Cramorant VMAX and an alternate art version of Cinderace VMAX from Rebel Clash!

A few months ago, we announced that the “VMAX Special Set” would release in Japan on October 23rd:

It will come with one of four Pokemon VMAX promos and three corresponding holo Energy. It will also include one booster pack of each Sword & Shield set for a total of eight booster packs. It will retail for 1,958 yen, or around $20.

Presumably, the other two VMAX promos will be alternate artworks of Inteleon VMAX and Rillaboom VMAX.

Cramorant fans can also purchase these recently-revealed sleeves featuring Cramorant.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!