Physical ‘Pokemon TCG Raid Battle’ Cards Coming to Stores, Win Promo Cards!

The digital Pokemon TCG Raid Battle game will be getting a physical promotion at stores in the future!


When Pokemon tournaments return to normal, eligible stores that hold official Pokemon events will receive physical print-outs of the Pokemon TCG Raid Battle cards. As an activity, players will be able to work together at stores to beat the game’s Raid Bosses and win real promo cards.

The package will include the game’s unique Pikachu VMAX, Drednaw VMAX, and a new Alcremie VMAX that hasn’t been revealed in the digital game yet. They will be printed as jumbo-sized cards on official card stock. The package also includes physical items of everything else needed to play the game, including Boss Attack cards and damage counters.

The “real” promo cards that can be won include cosmic holo versions of Pikachu from Sword and Shield, Drednaw from Sword and Shield, and Alcremie from Rebel Clash. They all have the Play! Pokemon stamp associated with promos from Pokemon Leagues and official tournaments.

This is almost like the Pokemon TCG: Rumble Game released in 2009. A special set of cards to play a special version of the Pokemon TCG with several other players. But while Rumble was designed as a packaged set available for purchase (as it used “real” Pokemon cards), Raid Battle only seems to be an in-store promotion, especially since the game is originally digital.

Thanks goes to Joe Merrick for the news! He received the cards from the European branch of TPCi, which often sends out packages to members of the European community.