Official Play! Pokemon Podcast Announced!

TPCi has announced a new weekly podcast for covering Play! Pokemon events! It is hosted by Jay Blake with contributions from Brendan “Burnside” Hansen, Kyle Sucevich, Kay Dyson, Mia Violet, and Scott Glaza.

The first episode has already launched on major podcast networks, including a video version below. The episode’s description reads, “The Play! Pokémon Podcast is here to take you through to the finals of the Pokémon Players Cup! This week, we cover stats for featured Pokémon and decks in weeks 1-3 in VGC and TCG, and then check out the qualified players for the Pokkén Tournament DX finals.”

“The Play! Pokémon Podcast” Weekly Podcast Debuts

Get the latest details on the Players Cup and more in the first ever podcast from The Pokémon Company International.

A new weekly podcast covering the world of competitive Pokémon play has just launched featuring tournament commentators and some of the other folks at The Pokémon Company International. Hosted by Jay Blake and with contributions from our panel of experts Brendan “Burnside” Hansen, Kyle Sucevich, Kay Dyson, Mia Violet, and Scott Glaza, the Play! Pokémon Podcast will feature in-depth coverage of the Players Cup throughout the summer, including deep dives into the action from the Pokémon TCG, VGC, and Pokkén Tournament competitions! Look forward to new episodes being added every Wednesday through September 9.

You can find the Play! Pokémon Podcast on all the major podcast networks, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Plus, you can watch the podcast with video on and Listeners using Twitter can also join the conversation at @PlayPokemon, too. The best questions and topics discussed may get covered on upcoming episodes.

So be sure to check out the Play! Pokémon Podcast starting today!