Holiday 2020 Set Product Listings Revealed Through October!

We’ve been covering scant news of our holiday 2020 set since March. We still don’t know the name of the set, or any official information, but we have learned of some more products releasing in October. Here’s everything teased so far:

  • September 25th: Pin Boxes
  • September 25th: V Box
  • September 25th: Elite Trainer Box
  • October 2nd: Special Pin Collection
  • October 23rd: V Box
  • October 23rd: Premium Collection
  • October 23rd: Super Premium Collection
  • (We also know from information we posted in March that there will be three PTCG products releasing in November, some of which will probably be for the holiday set.)

Unfortunately we only have those product titles to go by; there are no product descriptions or images yet. We should find out the set name and more information within the next month or so, so stay tuned!

Our set will potentially include the unreleased full art cards from last year’s TAG All Stars set and cards from this year’s Legendary Heartbeat.