Aggron, Big Parasol from ‘Eruption Walker!’

Aggron and Big Parasol have just been revealed from S2a Eruption Walker! The set will be released on April 24th in Japan, and will feature 70 cards (excluding Secret Rares). Thanks goes to Bangiras for translations!

Aggron – Metal – HP160
Stage 2 – Evolves from Lairon

Ability: Sturdy
If this Pokemon has full HP and would be Knocked Out by damage from an attack, this Pokemon is not Knocked Out, and its remaining HP becomes 10.

[M][C][C][C] Gigaton Stomp: 160 damage.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: Grass (-30)
Retreat: 3

Big Parasol – Trainer

Pokemon Tool: Attach a Pokemon Tool to 1 of your Pokemon that doesn’t already have a Pokemon Tool attached to it.

As long as the Pokemon this card is attached to is your Active Pokemon, prevent all effects of your opponent’s attacks, except damage, done to all of your Pokemon (existing effects are not removed).

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).