A Controlling Rat and Other Expanded Thoughts

Hello and welcome back to another Pokebeach article! I am back again with plenty more to talk about. If you haven’t read my last article on the Standard format, I recommend giving that a read. It was all about Zacian V and Malamar, along with my thoughts on the Standard format as a whole.

In this article we will be shifting gears to the Expanded format, but I hope you like Zacian V, because an Expanded take on the doggo is included down below. I will be going over a personal favorite too, Cinccino Control. It is not quite as strong as Zacian V but I enjoy playing with this deck. At the end of the article, I will go over my opinion on the current Expanded format, then wrap things up with some fun tips on how to enjoy the Pokemon TCG with no tournaments going on right now. It is the quite the spread of information, I truly believe there is something for everyone who reads this! Without further ado, lets kick things off with a look at Zacian V.

Zacian V Deck

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