Gedemer’s Last Thoughts — Going Down Under

The second Internationals of the season is almost upon us. Australia is going to be the first major event to feature the Sword & Shield expansion — it’s always a highlight of the season to bring some of the new cards to life. The purpose of this article will be to drop a rundown of what the metagame is looking like before the big event. Whether you’re attending yourself or going to a different tournament this weekend, this piece will be useful to further acquaint yourself with “what’s good” and make sure you’re ready to win some games. Here’s the big picture of decks you should expect at this event along with how important facing them might be:

The Decks

Primary Threats

Secondary Threats

Tertiary Threats

The Guide

These aren’t the only decks out there though, there are some other solid choices to choose from. But these are the most popular decks, the ones that most players will gravitate towards especially on short notice. I can’t thoroughly review every deck, but I’m going to glance over the other decks I’ve mentioned at the top of this article. Each deck will be followed by my rating out of five, along with its “trend” (down, neutral, or up in terms of potential success) as well as why.

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