‘Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX’ Announced for March!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX was announced during today’s Pokemon Direct presentation! It will release on March 6th, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a combined remake of the original Rescue Team games from 2006.

A free demo of the game will release for the Switch later today.

Update: TPCi has sent us a press release, available below. Update 2: Added official artwork and screenshots below.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is set in a world inhabited only by Pokémon. When players first open their eyes, they see a Pokémon in front of them, and they can understand what it’s saying. Upon closer inspection, players will realize that they themselves have become a Pokémon. According to the Pokémon they meet, natural disasters have suddenly started occurring all over this world, causing all kinds of problems. Players and their partner Pokémon decide to form a rescue team to go help Pokémon that are in trouble.

Players will answer a few questions that appear at the beginning of the game to help determine which Pokémon they will be. Next, they will decide the Pokémon that will be their partner on this adventure. The main character and their partner can be chosen from 16 different Pokémon. Players will get job requests in various forms—like on the Bulletin Board at Pelipper Post Office or from letters that will be delivered to the mailbox at the player’s rescue team base. As players complete jobs, their rescue team’s rescue points will increase. When they collect enough points, their rescue team’s rank will go up. When they first form their rescue team, they’ll be Rookie Rank. Players can gain experience as a rescue team on their way to what all rescue teams aspire to—the Gold Rank.

In this world, Mystery Dungeons can be found in various places, such as mountains, canyons, forests, and more. Each time players enter a Mystery Dungeon, the layout is slightly different. They’ll need to adventure through these dungeons to complete the jobs they will receive requests for one after another.
Inside dungeons, players will find various useful items—such as Seeds, Berries, and TMs—which will help them on their adventure. As with the layout of the dungeons, the kinds of items and their locations will change each time players enter a dungeon. Players will need to use the right items at the right time to help out Pokémon that are in trouble.

Dungeons are inhabited by many Pokémon that will attack the main character. Inside dungeons, battles are turn based, meaning that for each move you make, your opponents will also make a move. Since opponents won’t move unless the player moves in these turn-based battles, the player will have plenty of time to think about what their next move should be. If the player panics and presses a button or walks a bunch of steps carelessly, they could find themselves in a scrape they weren’t anticipating. Making decisions calmly and carefully considering how the opposing Pokémon are moving are the keys to successfully navigating a dungeon.

This title can be played in any mode on the Nintendo Switch—TV mode, tabletop mode, or handheld mode. In addition, the following features have been added that can assist players with controlling their Pokémon and progressing through the game, so even if it’s their first time, they can easily adventure through a dungeon.

  • Auto mode: Starting with this title, an auto-mode feature has been added that lets players progress through their adventures more easily. By just pressing the L Button, the main character and their team will move efficiently. When a player approaches an enemy, auto mode will turn off automatically.
  • Unleash moves automatically with the A Button: Ordinarily the player would select from one of four moves to use on an enemy. When players aren’t sure which move to use, they can get the enemy right in front of them and press the A Button to automatically unleash the best move to use on that foe.
  • Up to eight Pokémon can travel with you: When Trainers depart for a dungeon, they can have three members on their team as usual, but in this title, they can also add Pokémon they encounter as they go through dungeons to get up to eight teammates walking through a dungeon with them.
  • Fainting in a dungeon: If a player is defeated in a dungeon, they can ask for other players to rescue them, or they can rescue themselves with another of their own rescue teams. Then they’ll be able to resume their adventure from where they fainted.

From later today, a demo version of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX will be available for download at no cost from Nintendo eShop. Aside from being able to play the early part of the story in this demo version, players will also be able to carry demo save data over to the full version when it releases on March 6, 2020. At the same time, fans can also preload Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX from Nintendo.

Game Artwork

Character Artwork


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  1. Wavestripe Med Student


    Now THIS is the content I'm here for
  2. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Not Ranger, big bummer for me
  3. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    As someone who didn't play this back in the day, can someone else describe the game? Is this basically Pokémon Diablo (except much more kid-focused obviously)? It feels aimed at much younger kids than the main RPG, is that accurate?
  4. bunnybird12 Don't be sad- be hoppy!


    Cool. I never played either of the Rescue Team games, but I did play through some of Explorers of Time. Looking forward to the release!
  5. aschefield101 is behind you !


    Yet again, another Switch game that looks like it belongs on a 3DS... Use UE4 for the love of god -.-
  6. Clam Almost decent


    Im not waiting for reviews im getting it ASAP doesnt look the best though...
  7. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.


    It's not like Diablo in terms of it's not an action RPG (or at least the original wasn't) since the battles are still based on turns even though they are in the overworld. They are more simple than the RPG's in terms of stats and strategy, but they are still fun and the story is amazing and emotional in Red/Blue Rescue Team which is what this is based in.
  8. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    It's a mystery dungeon genre game (which is a genre, not just for this spin-off series) where you explore a dungeon with a set number of floors and types of Pokemon, but randomised layout and item and trap placement, that changes every time you enter the dungeon.

    Your team is comprised of a max of 4 Pokemon, possibly reduced if you want to bring a giant Pokemon like certain legendaries and other Pokemon, of which you can only control the leader while the other Pokemon follow you just do random attacks, unless you set orders for other things. You can also only bring a set number of items based on your bag size, rather than unlimited like the main games. There also traps, some of which are mildly annoying, while others could end your dungeon run or badly damage your team, such as a monster house trap, which summons about 2 dozen enemy Pokemon into a room. Otherwise, Pokemon types and matchups remain unchanged and Pokemon still have their usual stats, such as Hp, AtK, Def and so on. The gameplay is also completely turn based, so Pokemon in the dungeon won't move until you move or make an attack. Your Pokemon also get hungry and need to be kept fed, otherwise they'll start taking damage.

    In terms of focus, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, especially the earlier ones, tend to have some of the best stories of the Pokemon franchise as a whole and in terms of difficulty, the late game dungeons are most certainly not kid-focused with late game dungeons usually having item or team restrictions or even reducing your level, possibly to one. I'm not sure about this game, but the hardest dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky had restrictions such as No items or money can be brought in, only one Pokemon is allowed, your level is reduced to 1 and all abilities are disabled, not to mention that the dungeon is 99 floors and since every floor is randomised, you can't plan for a optimal run and can easily be destroyed by a trap or a lack of items.
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  10. The-Kaiser Starfleet Captain and Pokemon Trainer


    Any word if the Hunger/Apples thing is in this? sometimes that would wreck my lil team cus i like explore lil too much.
  11. His Goominess Galvantula stan
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    From what I've seen, it's in.
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  12. avensis Aspiring Trainer


    I love how faithful the artstyle is to the original. Although if you told me 5 years ago that PMD would get a remake b4 DPPt I'd have called you crazy.

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