Night Marching into the New Decade — Expanded Night March in 2020

Night March has amazing type advantage in this format. Particularly, Marshadow-GX can hit Turbo Dark decks for Weakness and Pumpkaboo can smack a Mewtwo and Mew-GX for Weakness itself. Against most everything else, even big HP Tag Team Pokemon-GX, Joltik with a squad of Electropower can carry the load. This deck is still as consistent as ever and the threat of counters such as Oricorio and Karen are at an all time low. It goes without saying that these techs could burst in popularity on the toss of a coin, but it remains to be seen if most players will gravitate in that direction. Night March has racked up a few solid League Cup results in the Expanded format thus far so it might be on the radar for some people out there. In any case, it is a great deck in a vacuum, one that’s particularly well-positioned in this format. Non-GX advantage can on its own win a multitude of matchups and as for the rest your uncanny knack for one-hit Knock Outs can get you there. Here’s my list:

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