‘Eruption Walker’ Japan’s Mini-Set for April!

Japan’s second Sword & Shield mini-set will be named Eruption Walker. The name previously appeared in trademark listings.

It will be Japan’s S2a set and release on April 24th. This is seven weeks after S2 Rebellion Clash, their second main Sword & Shield set featuring Toxtricity.

The spacing between S2 and S2a is a little longer than usual and may be due to Japan’s “Golden Week” taking place on April 29th. It’s a series of national holidays where residents get time off work and spend more money. Last year, Japan released GG End on April 5th and Sky Legend on April 26th. This year it seems they’re only getting Eruption Walker for April.

The name “Eruption Walker” could refer to Coalossal or Centiskorch. Both Pokemon also have Gigantamax forms.

The mini-set will feature 70 cards, excluding secret rares.

No dummy images have been released yet.