Stepping Back into an Expanded World — Starting with Turbo Dark

While it might not look like much in the Standard format; in Expanded, Greninja and Zoroark-GX shines with Dark Patch and Max Elixir. Similar to Darkrai-EX, Greninja and Zoroark-GX has the Dark Pulse attack, this time dealing a 30 base damage with an additional 30 damage for each Darkness Energy in play. This gets super powerful very quickly and with all the Item based support as well as Darkrai-GX, you’ll OHKO Tag Team Pokemon-GX in no time. This deck has the strength to take it all the way in Pokemon’s Expanded format, but does it have the consistency and overall edge? Let’s get going!

Starting Turbo Dark List

This deck hasn’t seen the light of day post-Cosmic Eclipse yet, but have no fear—nothing new was introduced. Turbo Dark has been the most played deck at both Expanded format tournaments in the United States this season so far and with bans imposed on most of the integral pieces to control decks, I see no reason for that popularity to subdue in any way. This deck hits hard and is easy to play; not to mention it’s super fun to flop a ton of Energy onto the board quickly. First we have the last top-placing list for the deck by Chris Stotts; this is from last format.

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