A New Deck Appeared! — Everything You Need for Naganadel & Guzzlord-GX

Hello everyone! This is Grant Manley. I just got back from a crazy few weeks of travel concluding with the Brazil International, and I am here to share with you the deck that a few of us Americans ended up playing. Naganadel and Guzzlord-GX / Mismagius was featured on the official Pokemon stream at least four times so it’s possible you’ve already seen the deck in action. Before the tournament, this was a deck unheard of outside of a select few online channels, which is where the original idea stems from. After grabbing the deck idea from a streamed game, I came up with my own list and brought it to Brazil. I tested it a lot with some of the fellow American players, including Pokebeach writer, Caleb Gedemer, and we decided that this deck was strong enough to play at the tournament. Here’s the list I used.

Naganadel and Guzzlord-GX deck

Pokemon (11)

3x Naganadel and Guzzlord-GX (COE #158)4x Misdreavus (UNB #77)4x Mismagius (UNB #78)

Trainers (41)

3x Cynthia and Caitlin (COE #189)3x Bill's Analysis (TEU #133)2x Mallow and Lana (COE #198)2x Lt. Surge's Strategy (HIF #60)1x Ultra Forest Kartenvoy (UNB #188)4x Order Pad (ULP #131)4x Tag Call (COE #206)4x Mysterious Treasure (FOL #113)4x Dusk Stone (UNB #167)4x Beast Ring (FOL #102)3x Great Catcher (COE #192)2x Beast Bringer (UNB #164)2x Acro Bike (CES #123)2x Reset Stamp (UNM #206)1x Energy Recycler (FOL #143)

Energy (8)

4x Psychic Energy (BLW #109)4x Darkness Energy (BLW #111)

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