‘Hidden Fates Ultra-Premium Collection’ Images, Reports of Broken Figures

We now have official images of the contents of the “Hidden Fates Ultra-Premium Collection!”

The package costs $99.99 and comes with…

  • 3 full-art foil cards: Shiny Rayquaza-GX plus special gold versions of Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX
  • 1 card holder featuring Shiny Rayquaza, to show off your favorite Pokémon TCG card
  • 15 Pokémon TCG: Hidden Fates booster packs (Each pack contains 10 cards and 1 basic Energy.)
  • A collector’s box to hold everything
  • A full-size Pokémon TCG playmat for your next game
  • And a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

The product was officially released on November 22nd.

Reports on Amazon indicate many of the packages come with broken Rayquaza figures. Be sure to inspect the product before buying it!