First Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble Promo Cards + December TCG Merchandise!

Yet another matching set of promo cards will be given out at Japan’s Pokemon Card Station events. You can get the promos starting November 29th. Thanks goes to Arantaxa T. for the translations!

Grookey – Grass – HP60
Basic Pokemon

[G] Full Speed: 30 damage. Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

Scorbunny – Fire – HP60
Basic Pokemon

[C] Me First: Draw 1 card.

[R][R] Live Coal: 20 damage.

Weakness: Water (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

Sobble – Water – HP60
Basic Pokemon

[C] Growl: During your opponent’s next turn, the attacks of your opponent’s Active Pokemon do 20 less damage.

[W] Rain Splash: 10 damage.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

The following products will be released in TCG stores nationwide in Japan on December 6th.

The last product above shows that we’ll be getting reprints of Poke Ball, Full Heal, and Potion.

This deck box pouch will only be available at Pokemon Card Gym tournaments. It will cost 2,500 yen.

These card sleeves will only be available at Pokemon Center stores. Each pack of sleeves will cost 720 yen.

This rubber playmat will only be available at certain tournaments Japan, including those held at Pokemon Card Gyms, Pokemon Centers, and Pokemon Card Stations. No further details on their distribution have been released at this time.

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  1. TatsuyaOrimuta Aspiring Trainer


    The sleeves are soooo nice
  2. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Finally, the Gen 8 reveals I've been truly waiting for!
    AshCo likes this.
  3. DANI Aspiring Trainer


    I want the three promos.... where will be given?
  4. Winkachu Aspiring Trainer


    And Evolutions will be a part of these awesome promo boxes xD.
  5. Green778 It's always darkest before the dawn...


    Seeing all the starters in the sleeves is so ironic after the Dexit...
    AshCo likes this.
  6. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    The 3 trainers on the energy box.
    Are they new artwork?
    New sword and shield trainers?
    Pokeball, something, and potion.
  7. Hemos The demonic Shadow Lugia/Mystical Raven Witch


    I think the Scorbunny and Grookey cards should have their order swapped around, given the art's sequential on those ones.

    Also, poor Sobble, get him some berries ASAP.