Worlds 2019 Championship Decks Revealed!

The Worlds 2019 Championship decks have been revealed!

They include Masters winner Henry Brand’s “Perfection” deck, 2nd place Masters winner Shintaro Ito’s “Mind Blown” deck, Senior winner Kaya Lichtleitner’s “Fire Box” deck, and Junior winner Haruki Miyamoto’s “Pikarom Judge” deck.

They will release on November 22nd for $12.99 each.

Play Like a Champion!

Don’t miss your chance to stock your shelves with some of the world’s greatest Pokémon TCG decks! Players can experience the thrill of competing like top Trainers every time they open a 2019 Pokémon TCG World Championships Deck.

There are four powerful decks to choose from, each one a card-for-card replica of an actual title-contender’s deck from the 2019 World Championships! Learn winning strategies from a selection of the best players in the game, and start making your own plans for the 2020 World Championships!

Each Pokémon TCG World Championships Deck contains:

  • 60-card deck (cards have a different card back and are not tournament legal)
  • 2019 World Championships Booklet
  • 2019 World Championships Deck Box
  • A special 2019 World Championships Pin
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

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  1. paulyd84 cooltrainerpaul


    Great stuff these are always a good way of trying out different deck types with meta cards on the cheap.

    Juniors will swallow these up too.