Mallow & Lana Full Art from ‘Alter Genesis!’

The full art version of Lana & Mallow has been revealed from Alter Genesis! The set will release in Japan on September 5th and will then become part of our Cosmic Eclipse set on November 1st.

Mallow & Lana – Trainer

Switch your Active Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

When you play this card, you may discard 2 cards from your hand. If you do, heal 120 damage from the Pokemon you switched to the Bench.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

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  1. Ashblaze Full Art Supporter Hunter


    OH MY GOD, I LOVE IT!! This art for mallow and Lana is just so Cute! My heart!
  2. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks


    Why are

    you so.



    when you.

    S M I L E
  3. NicoNoo Meta/budget player


    And now look at this. This is much nicer to look at and play.

    Guess the joke is on me, because now I will be hunting for the FAs for my decks.
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  4. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Finally a redemption from the lazynesss (but not by much)
  5. zzzeraora Aspiring Trainer



    little babbie

    tiny babbie

    green baybee

    love them baibies
  6. Toni Kensa Playing and Collecting
    Toni Kensa


    With a Full Art like this, I forgive their “Ctrl C Ctrl V” Tag Team Trainers’ art.
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  7. OppositeAttract Aspiring Trainer


    Lovely looking Full Art.
  8. Animegamer420 Aspiring Trainer


    Theyre just kinda standing there. I mean the detail is pretty good, but the background is bland and the girls arent posing or gesturing...
  9. CynderDarkov Aspiring Trainer


    that's what they wanted you to do. It worked.
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  10. Tytus Expanded Best Format


    Did I hear effort for once.
  11. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    It's more of a slice of life image. Looking at the body language, it seems obvious to me that they're cheerfully talking to each other (also indicated by several 'talking' lines around them). They're probably talking about a meal that they're planning, given that Lana has her fishing rod with her and Mallow has her ingredients pouch with her. Lana seems to be suggesting something by how her hand is gesturing, and Mallow is agreeing, also by how her hand is gesturing. The poses of both their legs suggests that they're walking. And while the background isn't detailed, it is a simple cloud shape, implying that they're outside, possibly on their way to gather ingredients.

    Or they're just standing. :rolleyes:
  12. AshCo さくうぴい?!


    I think that's kinda why I like this full art. I like the aspect of it kinda being a snapshot of just a normal day. It's a little bit of a change of pace, a breath of fresh air. "Refreshing as a spring breeze", as they say.

    Some of my favorite cards recently are some of the alt. art tag teams where the Pokemon are just kinda... Living. Like Rowlet & Eggs, Greninja/Zoro, etc. I like that some of these supporters now are also trying that out. It's really nice.
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  13. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    Agreed! And though I do think we'll see some more Tag Team Supporters posing up a storm (like Red and Blue), I'm sure we'll be getting more of these interactions/slice of life full arts. For example, I can't really imagine Hala and Guzma posing; I think there would most likely be an amusing interaction. Cynthia certainly tends to strike a pose on her cards, but I can't really see Caitlin posing. Something more along the lines of the artwork from their sleeves and deck box, maybe? But I could be totally wrong on both.
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  14. Swampert Full Art #GROOKEYGANG
    Swampert Full Art


    Girl I.

    Loose my.

    Self up.

    In those.

    E Y E Y E Y EY E Y E Y S
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  15. AshCo さくうぴい?!


    Perhaps even some solo full arts could take that route in Sword and Shield's TCG. At least, I'd hope so, it would be a cool change of pace.

    And yeah, you definitely have a point with some of those character combinations. I could even imagine a scene where Hala would be teaching Guzma something, either amusingly or it could just be a snapshot into the life Guzma leads post-game. Of course this is all speculative and they could be doing triple backflips on a volcano or something for all we know, Pokemon's always doing something unpredictable.
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  16. Cati Aspiring Trainer


    Ah, what a nice breeze that sends my way. UWU
  17. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

  18. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    Jigglypuffy the tuffy
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  19. TheAquaPiplup I have been playing Glaceon-GX for way too long


    Creation trio alt art looks nice
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  20. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    That monument of the creation trio broke and we can see it on three cards of the collection. Nosepass, teddiursa and skerlp if I can remember well. So nice