Regionals Are Here! — Final Preparation and Testing for Atlantic City and Köln

Hello everyone! As I’ve been finalizing my testing for the Atlantic City Regional Championships, it has struck me how ridiculously long we’ve had to test for these upcoming events. This time last year, we were preparing for the Philadelphia Regional Championships, a mere three weeks after 2018 Worlds. This year, we’re already well into the 2020 Regionals season! Between the World Championships, the two DC Open tournaments, Sheffield Regionals and SPE Melbourne, we’ve actually had five major events already—very different compared to the usual start to the season. In fact, after next week we’ll have had the Unified Minds setlist for three months now. Given the change to the World Championship format, that means we’ve had a whole three months of testing for the Unified Minds meta—and much more to go! 

Meta Expectations

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