HD Images of ‘Hidden Fates Poke Ball Collections’ Reveal Card Numbers!

We now have high resolution images of the “Hidden Fates Poke Ball Collections,” whose images we posted earlier today.


The HD images reveal that both cards are simply alternate art reprints that have no association with Hidden Fates or its “shiny vault.” Shiny Zoroark-GX is #77a/73 from its original print in Shining Legends while shiny Metagross-GX is #157a/145 from its original print in Guardians Rising.

As posted before, each collection will come with either a shiny Zoroark-GX or a shiny Metagross-GX, ten Hidden Fates booster packs, a Great Ball or Ultra Ball that can hold a stack of Pokemon cards, and a PTCGO code card.

Both collections will release on October 4th in America and Europe.