Guzma & Hala, Walrein, Kommo-o from ‘Alter Genesis!’

Guzma & Hala, Walrein, and Kommo-o have been revealed from SM12 Alter Genesis! Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!

Walrein – Water – HP160
Stage 2 – Evolves from Sealeo

[W] Cold Wave: 60 damage. Your opponent can’t play any Trainers from their hand during their next turn. You can’t use this attack if any of your Pokemon used Cold Wave during your last turn.

[W][C][C][C] Blizzard: 120 damage. This attack does 10 damage to each of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.

Weakness: Metal (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 4

Kommo-o – Dragon – HP160
Stage 2 – Evolves from Hakamo-o

[F] Shout of Power: 60 damage. Attach a basic Energy from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

[L][F] Scale Uppercut: 90+ damage. You may discard a Pokemon Tool from this Pokemon. If you do, this attack does 90 more damage.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Guzma & Hala – Trainer

Search your deck for a Stadium card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

Additionally, when you play this card, you may discard 2 cards from your hand. If you do, you may also search your deck for a Pokemon Tool and Special Energy card, reveal them, and put them into your hand.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

Guzma was once Hala’s apprentice. He also promises to train Guzma toward the end of Sun and Moon.

The copied and pasted artwork on the Trainer Tag Teams is so lazy…

Alter Genesis will release in Japan on September 5th. It will become part of our Cosmic Eclipse set in November.

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  1. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Yes! The Spheal line finally makes it.
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  2. TatsuyaOrimuta Aspiring Trainer


    Walrein has trainer lock. Okay. It's a stage 2 maybe it won't be played... oh and the every other turn thing just makes in unplayable. phew.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
  3. xTITAN Training Aspirer


    It's frustrating how close Walrein is to being decent. Unfortunately, having to set up a fragile stage 2 in a format where there are very few tools to do so is not worth the payoff of item lock every other turn.

    And then Kommo-o just sucks lol
  4. Artemissy Aspiring Trainer


    Really disappointed in these tag team supporters copy paste artwork. They better have full arts to make up for it. Such a dramatic shift from the amazing art in dream league!
  5. Animegamer420 Aspiring Trainer


    They are so lazy with the tag team trainer art, they couldnt draw something original, they just pasted 2 older already used illustrations together with a crappy background
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  6. Shiny Bulbasaur Aspiring Trainer
    Shiny Bulbasaur


    After seeing the tag team trainer art it appears they spent their entire budget on Dream League.
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  7. Halcyonseer Aspiring Trainer


    Its cold wave from Yu Gi Oh!
  8. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    • Guzma & Hala Tag Team - its better search card, Stadium + Special Energy + Tool. Ironically, these 3 cards will be blocked by Honchkrow GX, lol. The ability is basically Chaos Wheel. 4 Geodudes
    • Walrein - we have better Item lock users. Use Beeheyem dude. 2-3 Geodudes
    • Konmo-o - Kommo-NO! Kommo-o bad. 2 Geodudes.
  9. Duo Basking in the glory of Milotic V


    Guzma & Hala has potential, but I feel like it's not worth playing only for the stadium search. I think if you aren't searching for exactly all 3 cards it's not quite worth playing.

    Seems like a bomber support card for Ultra Beast decks though (Ultra Space + Beast Energy + Beastite).
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  10. CharlieBirdy Aspiring Trainer


    Lol what! They totally just pasted Guzma and Hala in front of a supermarket! Soooooo lame.
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  11. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    In competitive Expanded, Guzma & Hala gives Tropical Beach decks a big boost. Think about it for a bit, then grumble heavily in poor.
  12. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Rise my expanded Gengar deck...RISE!

    Dimension Valley, recycle energy, spell tag. My boy Koko for that early spread and maybe Giratina, Shrine. The gears are turning...
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  13. Lanstar The Funny Fairy Bug


    Wake me when,

    1. Level Ball is reprinted and,
    2. A wothwhile stage 2 search card introduced.

    Otherwise, these stage 2 attackers feel empty in standard to me. We can't utilize them unless we can actually get them out constistently! >.<
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  14. ForeverRanger91 Aspiring Trainer


    Walrein is a nerfed one-sided Cold Wave from Yugioh. Actually pretty decent with Kyogre and TCE.
  15. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Good choice in Walrein. Kommo-o was expected.

    Unless there's a few new cards in the Japanese reprint set, our current "won't appear in Gen 7 at all" list of victims consists of:
    • Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott
    • Klink, Klang, Klinklang
  16. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
    Snowy Lilacs


    Ah I see the artist for the lazy tag team card is by Ken Sugimari, he does that all the time with the cards he "designs" Kinda weird they'd keep him as an artist, like seriously?

    Youtuber BigJigglyPanda pointed that out in one of his Pokemon Booster box openings.
  17. DashKing Aspiring Trainer


    Wait, does Channeler work with Walrein?
  18. The Almighty Bidoof Just your everyday MtF trans Bidoof worshipper
    The Almighty Bidoof


    it does
  19. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    What. Like an opponent attacks with Walrain, could you use Channeler?

    Im going to say that’s a hard no
  20. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Head Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    You not being able to use that attack is an effect on you, which Channeler removes.