Galarian Town Shown in New ‘Sword & Shield’ Trailer

Shigeru Ohmori, director of Pokemon Sword and Shield, has released a video showing an in-depth look at a Galarian Town. We see the outside of Professor Magnolia’s research lab, a Pokemon Center, a railway station, and a boutique.

It’s also been announced that the Pokemon Global Link will not support Sword and Shield. Its functionality will be replaced by Pokemon HOME and the Nintendo Switch’s online services:

Hello there, Trainers! Thank you for using our products and services. We have some information regarding Pokémon Global Link (PGL) and the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games, which will release for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

For Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, services equivalent to the current Rating Battle and Online Competitions are planned to be supported. However, PGL will not support Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

These battles and Online Competitions can be enjoyed in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield using just the connectivity features of Nintendo Switch* Game Sync will not be required for these new games. For more information on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, visit the official site.

In addition, functionality from PGL to view services such as Rankings, Distribution Regulations, and the events calendar will be provided through Pokémon HOME, which is planned for release on iOS and Android devices in early 2020.

Please look forward to more details about Pokémon HOME coming soon!

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  1. I'd assume this is the second or third town in the game.

    Remind me again, is PGL the trading in game? If so, that would be more in tune with them trying to limit the Pokedex.
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  2. AshCo ZVARRI!


    Every time I see more of this game and a lot of the nice things about it, it makes all the issues of the game hurt that much more. I wish I could be excited for this game, yknow? But it's still not to the point that I can justify buying this game for full price-especially when it basically is going to have half the content if we're considering Pokemon.
  3. I hear ya. It's hard with all the cuts, and I say for those on the fence, wait a while. Watch some game play. There's bound to be used copies on Day 2 at a bit of a discount.
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  4. AshCo ZVARRI!


    I'll get it if the next games in the series have a national dex, or they patch it in. Really that's all that's keeping me from not getting it, because the main thing about me is that I have all of my old teams spanning the last three years of my life (My original teams from when I started got stolen and/or corrupted in 2015-16), and I share a lot of attachment and sentimental value to them. Same with my Living Dex. I make it a tradition to put all those teams through every Elite Four from the game they started in all the way to the newest one, so it kinda bums me out most of them won't be able to do that.

    Otherwise, the game looks fine, apart from the visuals and sub-par animations. It looks better than Sun and Moon in terms of what it does and its region so far, and as I've said--there's tons of great ideas and Pokemon designs in it. They're just really not cutting it as it stands. It's especially disappointing when this is a full-price Switch game; you should expect at LEAST a 50% increase in quality to go with the 50% increase in price.

    But I'm waiting, staying optimistic about what I can. At least I always have the TCG to fall back on.
  5. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Not much to see here, but it confirms that Pokemon still can't do dynamic interiors in 2019 on a mainline console.
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  6. Animegamer420 Aspiring Trainer


    Global link is horrible, anything cool up for trade is asking for Pokemon with stats that are only obtainable by hacking.
  7. AshCo ZVARRI!


    Pretty sure that's the GTS you're talking about. It used to be alright in gen 6 but then that issue happened with the hacked-only trades in Sun and Moon.

    PGL was the thing that Game Sync connected to. It was what you registered for online (possibly otherwise as well?) events with, and in gen 6 you could use it to trade Poke Miles for prizes like Rare Candies and all that. It was a cool little system that slowly started phasing itself out in Gen 7.
  8. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty


    At 1:53 did that rock sparkle?

    I sure hope they're not making hidden items visible like that, that'd defeat the whole purpose.


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  9. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    Pretty sure that's JRPGs in general, even the newer ones like Dragon Quest XI and Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  10. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    Wait, Pokemon Sword and Shield will cost 50% more than Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon? I live in Australia and the game price is going from $60 (Ultra Sun and Moon) to $70 (Sword and Shield), which is roughly a 16% - 17% increase, and in terms of the quality that I've seen, that more than warrants the price increase. Besides, I've been waiting for Let's Go Pikachu to go on discount, since I didn't want to buy both at full price, but I've never seen it go down in price yet, so that means that Sword and Shield won't be going down in price for quite some time. Unlike many companies, Nintendo doesn't depreciate.

    As for the lack of every Pokemon being in these games and every Pokemon game moving forward, I'm absolutely fine with it. Despite having two living dexs, hundreds of shiny Pokemon and just as many battle-ready Pokemon, I rarely ever use many of them, so I don't mind not being able to use some of them, besides most of my favourites have been confirmed for these games anyways and if not these games, then later entries then. As for the National Pokedex itself; the National Pokedex has been gone since Gen 7 so it's funny watching people react to it's absence only now, besides, most likely is that Pokemon Home will have a National Pokedex. While it will be slightly disappointing not being able to use all my favourites, I'm more than guaranteed to enjoy the game and find more favourites anyways.
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  11. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I know they say they are putting everything into this game but I can't believe that considering not everything will be in the game but this doesn't answer my question or make me want to buy this game. If Pidgey isn't in this game, I'm simply not buying it. It doesn't matter what this game has to offer because I wont be able to enjoy in the way I want.

    Sure, I don't use every Pokemon and never intended or cared to but Pokemon I don't use are loved my others and removing options in a next gen Pokemon game does more harm to the series than bringing back universally disliked options.
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  12. AshCo ZVARRI!


    In the US, a standard 3DS game, including Pokemon is $40 USD, and SwSh is going to cost $60. That's a 50% increase over here. I was lucky enough to get around LGPE by getting it on an extremely rare sale (I got it half off, which I thought was a good enough price for the product and the Go functionality). It was cute enough and fine as a little side thing, but I was really expecting SwSh to be a massive step up in quality for Pokemon in general-and while yes, it does do that to an extent, it's still not enough for me personally. I'm glad for the people who CAN justify getting it for themselves though, it's an enjoyment in something I can't.

    It's not necessarily about the National Dex being gone though. It's about the Pokemon themselves not being in the game. Yes, your favorites might be in it, but there's going to be a lot of people who won't have theirs in it. I know three of the four of mine most likely won't. I personally don't ever apart from RARE cases use the same Pokemon twice, but there's a lot of people who do. I liked Black and White so much because it's completely different than every other game, roster-wise. It encouraged players to discover new Pokemon, but you could still transfer and use your old favorites in that new region as well. That's the problem at hand here. I can't have my favorites in the post-game go through their tradition of taking the Elite Four on. The issue might not be about you or me directly, but it's definitely taking away from the enjoyment of others, and that's in part why I can't support it (along with it, as I've stated, taking away from some of my enjoyment of Pokemon too).

    But I'm not knocking you for being excited for the game, trust me. I'm happy you'll be able to get that new Pokemon experience and enjoy yourself, it's something I and I'm sure many others wish they could have.

    I think your statement highlights the issue perfectly here. The beauty about Pokemon was that people could enjoy it in SO many different ways. You and I enjoy it differently, as does the next person and the person after that. But now there's so much of that being taken away, leaving people potentially alienated. I don't care how many shiny new Big-Honkin'-Dynamax features are coming to the game, whether good ideas or bad (such as Dynamax itself), the games just don't give me that excitement because of how so many players are being screwed over.
  13. aschefield101 is behind you !


    If the Unreal engine was a living person, it'd be crying right now.
  14. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Blah blah blah I am so excited for this game despite of its issues.
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  15. fleshrum April in Kalos...

    Advanced Member Member

    Its a flawless brexit metaphor lol

    People complaining about the lack of national dex (myself included) are missing the point of it afaic. The game seeks to balance itself for competitive play by limiting what is available to the player. This has been the case since Gen 1, and most notably so in the gba days. It blows from an aesthetic and roleplay perspective, however you slice it. Absolutely. No arguments.

    But I think it is a sticking point for people because pokémon has for years been somewhere between 3d-social-chess and middle schooler rpg. When games lean hard on one of these elements, they are received much better than when they seek to achieve both (X and Y for example). If the series had always conditioned the player to learn good VGC battling techniques, then removing pokemon for balance would only be seen as a boon. to me, going in that direction is what will catapult the series into the 2020s, and failing to adapt will leave it floundering. And let's be honest: we will still be playing either way.

    Town looks neat btw.
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  16. AshCo ZVARRI!


    There's an issue with the way the game's seeking out to balance itself, I think. If we're talking pure VGC, they could have stayed with what they were doing, have formats each year. Sun and Moon's first format was its regional dex only. If they wanted to change up what Pokemon can be used, they can easily come up with formats and rulesets, just like any competitive game.

    You could even potentially do something like Smash 4 did, i.e. "for fun" and "for glory" which have casual and competitive rulesets, respectively. The people who want to play the competitive format could do that, thus creating its own meta by limiting what the player can have.

    If you look at something like Smash Bros, they allow for game balance because of how many rulesets can be chosen. 100 Stages in the new one, some of them are banned, and only used for fun. Items can either be on or off, the list goes on. You have your fun rulesets, and your tournament legal ones, but the best part about it is it allows people to play the game the way they want to play it. Pokemon, in a sense, also allowed for this for the past entries in the series. Wanted to run around with a team of legendaries? You can do that. Use your old teams after you beat the game? Go ahead. Breed for your favorite Pokemon, despite it not being in the region? With a bit of work, you can do that too! Not to mention the infinite amount of combinations a huge roster of Pokemon can create for fun matches and strategies. There's so many ways to play Pokemon. Or at least-there were so many ways to play Pokemon until now. Because they're trying to balance the format, they're in turn killing what made Pokemon so great. It's so easy to just say "Here's a format, use these Pokemon and you can't use these", allowing the people who are interested to do that, and the people who aren't do do their own thing. But that's not possible anymore. Sure, you can find new ways to have fun in SwSh, but it's still taking away from a lot of players' enjoyments of the game. It's so anti-Pokemon.

    Part of it though, and I genuinely think this, part of all these issues would be solved if they just delayed the game. But they can't TPC needs it out for the holidays. Period. It's becoming a rushed product because they HAVE to release it alongside all the other merchandise they've already gotten started making. This isn't going to stop, so what they really need to do is either share the development with a second developer, or get more staff at Game Freak. Young, new blood, who cares about the series and wants to make it hit its stride again that we haven't seen in years. Talented programmers, graphics artists, etc. etc. They're split between developing Town and developing SwSh. They don't have that many people working on Pokemon as it is. I wish they'd take the road that Luigi's Mansion 3 or Animal Crossing are taking-genuine love, care, and hard work in creating a product that not only goes above and beyond, but listens to the fans. Read forums, see what people want, like LM3 is doing. Not only would it be good for the consumers, but it would also be good press for the company as well.
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  17. fleshrum April in Kalos...

    Advanced Member Member

    I mean, we don't know if it is rushed or not because we don't have the finished product. Complaints about the national dex are valid in the same way a fighting game with fewer characters or a racing game with fewer tracks is an objective downgrade. If the final product leads to a more balanced metagame, the complaints are mitigated. We haven't seen any of the final game yet... we don't even know what made it into the dex.

    And it is also super arbitrary to say that it isn't made with love and care. How do you know this?? I'm all for criticism but there is a lot of baseless dislike for something we don't know much about. Be skeptical, be critical, but don't hate until you know for sure. It could be awesome.
  18. AshCo ZVARRI!


    Trust me, I'm staying as optimistic about the game as I can, and I'm not denying that they're putting effort and love into it-I'm sure they are. But at the same time, in seeing the cycle this game is taking, I'm noticing more and more obvious flaws than ever before. I'm sure there will be good things about it, I've said before the game does have good ideas-but the pokemon issue itself is what's making the game a downgrade overall. The complaints are still valid if you don't care about the metagame. Whatever makes it into the dex doesn't matter, unless ALL pokemon make it into the dex. I'll give the game credit where its due, but I'll continue to stand by that there's no justifying not having all the Pokemon transferable.
  19. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    We don't know much about the game, sure but we know somethings. Pokemon has been getting worse and worse each game. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon was literally the same game with a endgame added to it and sold as two completely new games with that new game price tag. We are seeing the influence Pokemon GO is making on the series as a whole. We've seen the TCG become simplified to the point any skill based gameplay is questionable and the games focusing on damage, speed and nuke mechanics while removing features the fans loved and we are seeing this again in the game.

    We also can't compare a fighting game to a game that reuses its assets but if we're going to, lets look at Mortal Kombat 11, the newest game in the series, everything was built up from the ground. No character model is the same, each having tons of skins, bringing back the three variations ( a loved feature from X), making Fatalities even better and added and changing other mechanics, all while building on their own in-house tech, improving graphics and while not all characters returned, who did return and the newcomers added a lot to what they offered. On top of that they have a completely new story mode, a ton of offline and online modes that both casual and competitive players can enjoy, while having weekly updates to both modes in terms of content while adding new characters AND guest characters that have nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. What to know something else about Mortal Kombat? They go into each game wanting players to spend their money with confidence. I honestly feel them selling the game for 60 bucks US is a rip off because other people would have sold this game for at least 90 bucks, spiting the content over DLC. Now out of all of this I said, do you really think Pokemon Sword and Shield will be worth the 60 bucks US they are going to ask for it?

    A meta game is a horrible reason to remove a game. You can't balance a game before its released. You have to let the players abuse it before you balance it, something we know they wont do because they never have done this without a new game. Any other developer would have changed Mega Kang's ability with a update, not wait for a new game to come out. I can say for sure a Pokemon that removes abilities by simply existing on the field is broken for this "balanced" meta they are trying to make. A developer never removes features from a game unless they weren't liked or were fundamentally broken. No one liked Z-Moves but people loved Mega Evolution. Why remove both? It makes a "living" world feel artificial. Regional forms are something else that need to go away because they feel like a creative crutch.

    However, none of this would have matter if they didn't say they were removing thing for better quality, something we aren't seeing. That said, I'd buy the game if I can get a Pidgey for my playthrough. No Pidgey, no sale.
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  20. Secret Agent Seal Aspiring Trainer
    Secret Agent Seal


    Most people I've spoken to seem OK with a limited national dex. There's an understanding that with new Pokemon added each generation, it's inevitable that eventually some content needs to be cut from the games.

    That said, in this case it doesn't make any sense because GF are reusing models from XY. I'd understand if there were elaborate new models or fancy animations, but it seems like they're recycling assets from a game made 6 years ago. Maybe they'll be locking a bunch of Pokemon behind a paywall, who knows.