Blaine’s Quiz Show Banned at Worlds

Update: TPCi has announced the card is banned at Worlds.

An e-mail to Japanese players has revealed that Blaine's Quiz Show from Unified Minds will be banned at Worlds and its side events. A public announcement should be made soon.

This announcement comes a week after our article writer, Stéphane Ivanoff, questioned how the card would work in a multilingual environment like Worlds. (Though Pokemon may have already anticipated the issue.) His post is a good summary for why the card has been banned from the event:

Here’s a simple situation: if I play Blaine’s Quiz Show at Worlds, using a French Pokémon card, should I announce the name of the attack in French or in English?

-> If it’s in French: unless my opponent speaks French, they probably can’t guess the Pokémon. Is this an intended effect of the card?

-> If it’s in English: What if I don’t know the English name of the attack (since my card is in French)? Also, even if I know the name, what if my opponent doesn’t speak English (say it’s a Japanese player)?

If using translators, there is one major issue: attack names don’t always map one-to-one between languages. Here is an example:

Lillipup (BLW 81) and Gliscor (UNB 99) have the same attack Collect. In French, Lillipup’s Collect was translated to “Collectionner,” and Gliscor’s Collect was translated to “Collecte.”

If I play against a French-speaking player and announce “Collectionner,” they know it can be Lillipup and not Herdier. If I play against an English-speaking player and announce “Collect,” it can be both. This means that doing the exact same game action has different results depending on the language used.

(Also consider the opposite scenario, where the English-speaking player is the one using Blaine’s Quiz Show and announces “Collect.” If the French-speaking player requires a translator, then the translator will have to remove the ambiguity, which seems unfair.)

The announcement says the card has only been banned at Worlds. This is not a regular ban.

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  1. TheAquaPiplup I have been playing Glaceon-GX for way too long


  2. DarkMatterGaming "Wait, he's not dead?"


    That's kinda hilarious.
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  3. JakeTheGearHeart Aspiring Trainer


    We did it boys.[​IMG]
  4. hervul Aspiring Trainer


    The explanation is a bit silly. The translator would obviously have to translate the proper move depending on the Pokémon.
    However, I think the card is banned so that the translator doesn't play a role during the match.
  5. bbb888 One Life. One Dream.


    Blaine's Quiz #3 (from Gym Challenge set) is very similar to this card - why wasn't it banned as well?? o_O
  6. Gameguard Aspiring Trainer


    Pokemon did state next annoucement for banlist n rules is August 8th. This is prob one of them. Along with other things.
  7. RHowford Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Wow, a card nobody's going to ever play won't get played at World's.
  8. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

  9. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Isn't UNM Oranguru has the same effect as this card?
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  10. P3DS UK VGC Regs Champ 2015

    Advanced Member Member

    I was sorely tempted, as European players can use a lot of different language cards. Then you have Japanese, Russian, Korean, and more. Then having to translate between languages for the names and pokemon, and as brought up, sometimes the names of attacks are slightly different between languages, making it easier for some languages and harder for others (see above). Basically, this is pretty much a fairly unconditional draw 4, and favours players with non-English cards.

    Then you have the nut jobs butchering pronunciation, and could be used to put an opponent off their play, and if pronounced wrong, could lead to issues where if spoken correctly, it could be figured out.
  11. P3DS UK VGC Regs Champ 2015

    Advanced Member Member

    No, since it doesn't involve translating names. You just have to guess type. They don't say a name iirc
  12. MATTUSH Aspiring Trainer


    No one would play it at Worlds anyway.
  13. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    Actually, I saw players thinking about it. If used right, it could’ve been a nice draw four, depending on the deck run (using Inkays attacks in mally, other attacks of lost march Pokémon, jirachi’s attack). Only issue, as iterated above, is language barriers.
  14. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
    Snowy Lilacs


    maybe people where smarter back then?
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  15. PokeMedic Don't talk to me or my Pokemon ever again

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    Yes, people where smarter.
  16. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    This makes sense. There would be so much ambiguity. For instance, say I put down a Charizard and Reshiram TTGX. How much of the name do you say? Just Charizard and Reshiram? Charizard and Reshiram GX? Charizard and Reshiram Tag Team GX?

    But still, it is pretty funny.
  17. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    TFW when consider getting a PSA 10 Blaine’s Quiz Show solely so Stephane can sign the slab.

    I think it could be a strong meme stock.
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  18. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    As someone who played from Base-Expedition, I got this.

    The meta back then was A LOT different. BIG tournamrnts didn't have any legs yet, so weird interactions like this weren't even a possibility.
    The meta was also LITERALLY 3 decks and the card pool was small enough that, if you played competitively, you knew the attacks of everything. We didn't have the "ambiguity strategy" like you can with Caturday and Nuzzle.

    Between that and Blaine's Quiz #3 held NO WEIGHT against cards like Professor Oak and Bill, and then Item Finder for Professor Oak; there was no space for it--even in "InSaNiTy" builds that were prideful of being massive turbo decks (yes, that's how it was spelled).

    Because the meta at the time of the big tournaments was literally: Wigglytuff / Muk, Slowking / Sneasel, and Steel Chansey. Even if you did pitch the argument then as we are doing now, I think they would go "who even plays that?" and that'd be that because there was a 100% chance that no one would play it. We are in a situation where that number is "99% sure no one will play it, but the ramifications of it being played are too much of a rulings conundrum to allow its use".

    As a player who has purposely troll decks to high level events (and my daughter and I have some plans to do it in this game), you REALLY can't take that 1% and go "There's NO ONE that would be mad enough to do it."

    There are people who would get their 550 for the year and go to Worlds with the sole intent of being a madlad--not maliciously do unfairly gets wins on opponents, but solely just for the memes. I mean, your chances of winning Worlds is super super low. Come to that realization and realize that you have a better chance of being remembered as the madlad that did it and made Worlds a headache.
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  19. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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