‘Unbroken Bonds’ NOT Going Out of Print, But New Trend for Future Print Runs

Contrary to what we posted the other week, Unbroken Bonds is not going out of print. At the time, some distributors and sellers believed that TPCi would not create additional print runs because new orders were not being fulfilled. (Usually sellers can order new sets long after their release, but this was not the case with Unbroken Bonds.)

However, TPCi informed distributors over the weekend that they’re doing another print run of Unbroken Bonds (likely due to growing demand). New orders can be placed at the end of the month.

It appears that TPCi is instead being more cautious with how they produce their sets from now on. Rather than printing a bunch of product upfront, they’re going to conservatively print product as the market needs it. This way the market does not become saturated with product people don’t want, as was the case with sets like Steam Siege.

As Smpratte explains in his video here, there is no such thing as “limited English” product. TPCi will always print new cards or products if fans want them, as they did with Roaring Skies years after the set was released. It makes sense too — this is a game that’s meant to be available and played. But what has changed is that TPCi is going to temper production from now on so that more product isn’t printed than is wanted.