‘Sky Legend’ Officially Revealed!

SM10b Sky Legend has officially been revealed by Pokemon! We first learned about the set all the way back in November.


As posted last year:

Sky Legend will feature the first Tag Team Pokemon-GX with three Pokemon on one card — Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres-GX! All three Pokemon are Flying-type, plus the set is named Sky Legend, so it’s likely their GX will be Colorless like the original Articuno, Moltres, & Zapdos promo.

Sky Legend will also feature Lusamine, Lillie, and Gladion as regular holo Supporter cards. They will likely feature new artwork.

A new Supporter card will also appear in the set — “Jessie & James!” No other details are known about their card at this time. Perhaps when this set is released in America, they’ll also give us some of the cards from 2017’s Ash vs. Team Rocket deck?

Sky Legend will feature 54 cards and will release in Japan on April 26th.