New Prerelease Goodies for Players: Patches!

North American tournament organizers just received a cool new goodie from TPCi! Starting with Unbroken Bonds prereleases, players will now receive a Pokemon patch! The patches can be ironed or sewed to fabric.


There are currently two designs featuring either Reshiram & Charizard-GX or Pikachu & Zekrom-GX. Each player will receive one of the two designs at prereleases. Presumably there will be two new designs for each prerelease, though this is just speculation.

It does not appear Europe will get these at this time. Only North American tournament organizers have received them so far.

The last major change to prerelease tournaments was for Fates Collide when the promo deck boxes were introduced. You can check out my write-up on the history of prereleases here.

Unbroken Bonds prereleases will take place April 20th through 28th. You can find one near you via Pokemon’s event locator.

Thanks goes to Yoman Y. for the photos!