Detective Yoshida from ‘Detective Pikachu’ Revealed as Secret Card, Features Real Photo!

Detective Yoshida, a full art Supporter card, will be a secret rare card in the Japanese Detective Pikachu mini-set. The set releases in Japan on April 26th. The card was officially revealed on a Pokemon TCG truck in Japan, like some cards in the past.

Detective Yoshida – Trainer

Your opponent reveals their hand. Draw 2 cards.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

The card is not in our English set. It will likely come to America as a promo card — the official English website for our Detective Pikachu set has a placeholder for one card beneath its promo section. Perhaps it will be given out through a store event or a promotion. We’ll find out soon!

Detective Yoshida has a Snubbull in the Detective Pikachu movie and is played by famous Japanese actor Ken Watanabe. This will be one of the few Pokemon cards to feature a real photo of a human. The uniqueness of this card is probably why Creatures did not reveal it until now, as it was probably meant to be a big surprise for fans!

Thanks goes to Tunu for the photo and translation!