Most ‘Unbroken Bonds’ Product Images Revealed!

Most of the Unbroken Bonds product images have now been released!

Eevee’s first attack is “Find a Friend,” which allows you to search your deck for a Basic Pokemon and put it into your hand. Its second attack is “Smash Kick” for 20 damage.

The only unrevealed product is the second one-pack blister. We don’t know which promo it will feature. Stay tuned!

The theme decks and their card spoilers were previously revealed.

Unbroken Bonds will release on May 3rd as our tenth Sun & Moon series set. It will be a combination of Night Unison‘s 55 cards (released in Japan on January 11th), Full Metal Wall‘s 54 cards (released on February 1st), and Double Blaze‘s 95 cards (released on March 1st).

The set’s Tag Team Pokemon were revealed in English yesterday.