Drifblim, Tag Switch from ‘GG End’ — Something Hidden in Drifblim’s Art!

Drifblim and Tag Switch have been revealed from SM10a GG End! The set will release in Japan on April 5th. Thanks goes to Tunu for translating!

Drifblim – Psychic – HP100
Stage 1 – Evolves from Drifloon

Ability: Tag Carry
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may switch your Active TAG TEAM Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

[C][C][C] Spinning Attack: 70 damage.

Weakness: Darkness (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 1

Tag Switch – Trainer

Move 2 Energy from 1 of your Tag Team Pokemon to another 1 of your Pokemon.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).

Creatures has chosen to hide the corner of Drifblim’s artwork because it features something they don’t want revealed yet. To me it looks like it might be Raichu and Alolan Raichu next to each other, which would mean a Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX is in the set (hence the “Tag Carry” Ability). The colors seem to match with the two Pokemon and I think I even see part of Alolan Raichu’s tail peeking out of the blurred part. The Tag Switch Trainer revealed alongside Drifblim also features both of their types, which might be an intentional hint (although a Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX would have to be Lightning-type if they continue with Tag Teams that are one type). But what do you think could be hidden behind the blur?

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  1. Kashvinder Mann Aspiring Trainer
    Kashvinder Mann


    Nice to see some cards interacting with Tag Team Pokemon, about time it happened.
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  2. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    I updated my speculation:

    "Creatures has chosen to hide the corner of Drifblim’s artwork because it features something they don’t want revealed yet. To me it looks like it might be Raichu and Alolan Raichu next to each other, which would mean a Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX is in the set (hence the “Tag Carry” Ability). The colors seem to match with the two Pokemon and I think I even see part of Alolan Raichu’s tail peeking out of the blurred part. But what do you think it could be?"
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  3. NotSeen Aspiring Trainer


    A bit wild hypothesis: it could be a new Pokémon from newest generations they didn't revealed yet… but that couldn't happen, could it? :)
  4. Wechselbalg *****


    Ohh, how cheeky. The colors do look similar to the color palette of Alolan Raichu. It'd be cooler if it was a gen 8 pokemon though. Plus I really don't want another lightning type TTGX.

    Also, please stop buffing TTGXes. Oh well, guess that can't be avoided.
  5. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    • Drifblim - Based on the blurred image, it got to be Raichus. On Drifblim itself, I like this. A 1-of in some TTGX decks since TTGX are having high Retreat. The Basics tho are not worth it. 4-5 Geodudes
    • Tag Switch - 5 Geodudes. TTGX often use the extra effect on their GX atk, but after that, it has excess energy on there. Well, we have Tag Switch and nvr lose more energy again.
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  6. TheRealBro.. Venusaur used FlowerPower; his chillness rose 300%


    My guess is it would have to be a new Pokemon that will be announced between now and a few months. Right?
  7. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    The raichu tag team hint would be a good guess.
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  8. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Some of these Tag Teams are cancerous enough without you goin’ and givin’ them help (hem hem Gardeon and Celesaur). The fact that it doesn’t even say Basic, and it says 2 is troubling, because Energy Switch from SM Base says 1 Basic, not 2 anything! Tag Teams these days... and just look how much support Lost March got when it came out! Imagine that much support for Tag Teams... it’s almost sickening. And Drifblim, I guess that’s OK, nobody’s going to go and evolve that, so even though it’s really helpful, it comes at a price. Thank you for not having it as a Basic.
    Yes, it’s definitely the Raichu gang. Unless it’s actually just Goomy wearing the duo as a hat...
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  9. Starsoulklr 'Rolling around at the speed of sound'


    That Tag Switch is goofy good with Max Potion being reprint during the same block.

    Would be funny if we got that Machamp back that knocks out anything that's not an evolution.
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  10. CynderDarkov Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Drifblim would have been an alright one-of if it was a basic. IDK I would rather just use the actual card Switch instead.

    Hype for them Raichus tho.
  11. PlatinumDude Aspiring Trainer


    I like Tag Switch a lot. For one, it helps get a Tag Team's GX attack's extra requirement ready (mainly Tag Bolt and Double Blaze). If the GX attack was already used, it can move away any extra energy to something else.
  12. AlittleSTARme Aspiring Trainer


    hmmm not sure how i feel about this pherabuzz after takeing 5 prizes could add energy to another pherabuzz or charazrd and rusheram could get pretty good with this so we will see how this goes...
  13. Seng vang Svang20
    Seng vang


    Omg that tag switch is so strong and broken. Pikarom will still be playable in may quarter
  14. MegaAbsol10 I'm playing Big Blacephalon next quarter :)


    This comes out in August earliest
  15. Paul Adler Aspiring Trainer
    Paul Adler


    I really hope it is a Raichu Tag Team hiding behind it
  16. AshCo Payne-ful


    I can't wait for the flood of complaints with the revelation of Tag Switch about how Tag Teams are somehow ruining the game and are the most toxic thing to EVER come out in the TCG. Same kind of deal how people complained SO much about how King K Rool was "broken" and then got his best tools nerfed. Thanks for that, because he was never broken in the first place, and honestly? I don't think Tag Teams are either, at least by my definition of broken. If you want an example of broken, look at the old Shiftry NXD/FOGP combo, or ANYTHING that could lock you out or win a game CONSISTENTLY on turn one. There's a reason they just banned Maxies. That would have been broken.
  17. Blob55 Aspiring Trainer


    Please let there be the Axew line in this. It got skipped from the last Dragon set.
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  18. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    I agree that the words “broken,” “toxic,” and “cancer” are being used willy-nilly and we should probably stop using them to describe Zoroark as cancer (I did that once) but there is no denying that almost all Tag Teams are stupidly powerful.
    Celesaur is pretty impossible to kill.
    Pikarom ends the game in 3 turns.
    Mimigar hits upwards of 200 per turn for 2 energy (with Omastar).
    Okay, [email protected] isn’t that good.
    Eeveelax hits 240 for possibly one supporter against evolutions.
    Buzzmosa ends the game in one attack. (Hard, but still.)
    Reshizard just does massive damage.
    Double Muk is actually pretty balanced.
    Marshchamp isn’t that good either.
    Greninjark does 510 by turn 3.
    Lucario/Melmetal is okay.
    Gardeon is instant cancer. Read more to see why.
    Gardeon is almost instant cancer. It basically uses Acerola to cheat the game. Now that, even by your definitions, is pretty cancerous.
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  19. AshCo Payne-ful


    Sure, they are powerful, but a lot of them are not without their weakness.

    Celebi/Venusaur is tanky and hard to kill, but it's slow, and Blacephalon or an early game Absorption GX (in expanded especially) can tear right through it.
    Pikachu/Zekrom is easily the best of the bunch and it shows with insane tournament results. I've dabbled in standard and expanded builds of it and I do agree that it's a very strong card. Ending the game in three turns though? From my experience I haven't gotten it that way yet, it's usually slower to me than Expanded Buzz. The deck doesn't have GLARING weaknesses but it is beatable if you can catch it in time.
    Gengar/Mimikyu does the damage but its dark weakness can be pretty rough for it. Getting Omastar out does boost it, but without Maxies anymore how often is that going to happen? If it can consistently lock the opponent out of items then I'll concede that it's incredibly powerful, but otherwise it's going to rely a lot on random chance, and your opponent using their items wisely. I'd argue Trashalanche is a better effect than it.
    Eevee/Snorlax is eaten up by Buzzwole, but it does benefit from being tanky. I just feel like a lot of things can take it out, i.e. full bench+banded Zoroark.

    The others I'm yet to see how they fare, but I do think that all of them do have their weaknesses and it shows in a lack of tournament results besides Pikarom. I'd like to see how a lot of these fare. There's a lot I want to try out, like Charizard/Reshiram, which is a better Ho-Oh in a lot of ways. I want to try them out because they seem fun, honestly.

    Now, could you explain to me more in depth about what Gardy/Sylveon does with Acerola? I'd like to hear more about this because I haven't been much paying attention to it (I didn't think much of it when it came out I don't think).
  20. Raigetsu Lightning Trainer


    Oh please, oh please let it being Raichu/Alolan Raichu TAG Team. I need that. My favorite Pokemon <3
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