Buster Deck — Garbodor / Latias and Latios-GX in Expanded

Hey PokeBeach readers! I’ll be honest: I never thought Latias and Latios-GX would be playable. However, upon further inspection, the card makes a lot of sense in the current Expanded format. Getting to play Double Dragon Energy means the Buster Purge attack is much easier to use, and with that, you can unlock the true potential of Latias and Latios-GX. Aero Unit GX is also a very strong attack, granting Latias and Latios-GX immunity from attacks for a turn at the cost of just a Double Dragon Energy.

The deck does need another solid partner, though, so I’ve been testing it with Garbodor and, uh, Garbodor. There are two very good Garbodor in Expanded! Garbodor decks have long been a staple in this format, but lately they have been missing a solid partner; Drampa-GX is not as good as it once was. Latias and Latios-GX / Garbodor is both fast, with Professor Sycamore and Max Elixir, and disruptive, with the combination of Garbotoxin and N. On top of all that, it has Trashalanche to finish out games or trade Prizes with non-EX/GX decks. The deck probably won’t fare well against single-Prize-attacker decks, but there are multiple tech options you could add to address that issue if the metagame swings in that direction.

Here’s my list:

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