Promos from General Mill Cereal Revealed!

This year’s General Mills cereal promos are now available!

The four holos use the same holofoil as previous cereal promotions. As mentioned in our original news story, a fifth Bulbasaur holo is also available in cereals from Walmart stores: it’s the Bulbasaur from Shining Legends.

The other cards are direct prints of Kangaskhan from Dragon Majesty, Horsea from Dragon Majesty, Bellsprout from Celestial Storm, Magnemite from Forbidden Light, Lickitung from Ultra Prism, Electabuzz from Ultra Prism, Magmar from Ultra Prism, and Gastly from Crimson Invasion. They have no difference from their in-set counterparts, meaning the holos are the only cards worth getting if you’re a collector.

Thanks goes to Leonhart for the images above! You can check out his video of the cereal openings here.