Full Art Erika’s Hospitality from SM9!

As expected, a full art version of Erika’s Hospitality will appear in SM9 Tag Bolt. Its artwork was on display at a Japanese tournament to highlight the artist, so the image is missing its card text.

Erika’s Hospitality – Trainer

If you have 6 or more cards in your hand (including this one), you can’t play this card.

Draw a number of cards up to the number of your opponent’s Pokemon in play.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

We posted all of SM9’s translations the other day. The rest of the set’s full art cards and secret rares will be revealed over the coming days. Some of the Tag Team secret rares have already been revealed.

Tag Bolt will be released in America as part of our February Team Up set.

Thanks goes to PokeBeach staff member tunu for the photo!

Update: For those asking why Erika is a mutant with three hands in the above image, it’s actually a 3D section of the poster to show the card’s layering. The real card does not have three hands: