Championship Point Requirements for 2018 Worlds Announced! has announced the Championship Point requirement for the 2018 World Championship for the trading card game and the video game in all three age divisions. You can see the requirements for TCG in the top-right image, and the VG requirements in the bottom-right image.

The only values that have changed from last year are the TCG Masters division in North America and Europe. North America went from 400 to 550, while Europe went from 250 to 350.

This is the highest the requirement has ever been for North America. This change was likely made to make the World Championships feel more exclusive. Some Worlds competitors have expressed that it felt too easy to qualify for Worlds in NA, and that there was a large gap in skill between the best players in day one of Worlds and the worst players.

Pokemon announced back in July that players were getting more info on the Championship Point requirement in “late July”. This news is the first we have gotten about the CP requirement since that announcement.

Is this new requirement too high? Are you still going for your Worlds invite? Let me know in the comments!