SM9 ‘Tag Bolt’ Booster Box, Booster Pack Images!

The booster box and booster pack images for Japan’s SM9 Tag Bolt set have now been revealed!

The booster box reveals Gyarados, Mankey, and Alolan Exeggutor will be included in the set. As expected the set will have a Kanto focus to promote the release of November’s Let’s Go games. The set will release in Japan on December 7th and contain at least 95 cards.

Outside of Japan, the set will release as Team Up on February 1st and will include at least 181 cards.

The product image for the new “Tag Team GX Premium Trainer’s Box” has also been revealed. As posted before, it will also release on December 7th. It’ll cost 5,000 yen, or about $45.

It will come with 20 booster packs of SM9 Tag Bolt, a deck box, card sleeves, a coin, a GX marker, damage counters, Status Condition markers, and 180 cards — 23 Pokemon (12 unique), 45 Trainers (22 unique), 4 Special Energy (all the same one), and 108 basic Energy cards (12 of each type).