‘Let’s Play, Pikachu & Eevee’ Theme Deck Product Images!

We now have the product images for the “Let’s Play, Pikachu & Eevee” theme decks!

Eevee is from Lost Thunder, though it’s a reprint of the Eevee from Ultra Prism. Pikachu is from Shining Legends.

Presumably both cards will be printed on holofoil paper. However, Pikachu was already released as a a holo in the Shining Legends Raichu-GX Premium Collection.

As posted before, the product description states “These decks contain more Pokemon and fewer Trainers with simpler cards for an experience aimed at a younger audience.”

Each package will retail for $12.99 and contain a 60-card deck, a metallic coin, a deck box, damage counters, a 2-player playmat and rule sheet, and a PTCGO code card to play the deck online.

They’ll release on November 30th. They’re clearly intended to introduce young Pokemon fans to the TCG via the Let’s Go hype.