Capacity of Ultra PRO Portfolios Increasing Next Year!

Starting with SM9 in February, Ultra PRO’s 9-pocket Pokemon portfolios will be getting more pages!

A binder will now hold 126 cards if you single-load the binder (up from 90 cards) or 252 cards if you double-load it (up from 180 cards). This means the binders will now contain 14 pages.

We can confirm the price will increase because of this, although we’re not sure by how much.

The 4-pocket portfolios will keep the same number of pages as before (holding 40 or 80 cards depending on how you load them). Unexpectedly, their price is slightly decreasing.

As we all know, recent Pokemon sets are larger than ever before — Lost Thunder will be the largest set in the game’s history with over 210 cards. It seems Ultra PRO is now accounting for this, though the change won’t happen in time for Lost Thunder.

Our February SM9 set is currently unnamed but we know it’ll have 181 cards before secret rares. It seems Ultra PRO is of the mindset that Pokemon sets in the future won’t hold more than 252 cards… I hope.

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  1. Swampert Full Art #GROOKEYGANG
    Swampert Full Art


    I wish they would make more 360 card binders. There really aren't many choices for those.
  2. Christopher Hinkle Aspiring Trainer
    Christopher Hinkle


    Omg! I love the art for Celebi just straight up beautiful! Lugia as well Im so excited for the room that you have to put these cards in I like the availability for this. I would buy lol.
  3. Asrialys Aspiring Trainer


    Wish they'd start with SM8. Almost the entirety of the SM series has been a struggle to keep in their respective 9-pocket binder, and that's only holos. For the first time since starting my collection with Platinum, I decided to get the 4-pocket binder for Celestial Storm just to hold the full arts.