Winning Deck Lists from Japan’s Champion League 2019 Tournament!

The official Japanese TCG website has posted the winning deck lists for this weekend’s Champion League 2019 tournament!

The Masters division deck used Malamar‘s Psychic Recharge to attach basic Psychic Energy to Pokemon such as Giratina, Onix, Shining Arceus, Necrozma-GX, and Tapu Koko. (Giratina and Onix won’t be released here until November’s Lost Thunder.)

The Seniors division deck used Heat Factory Prism Star to discard Fire Energy, used Naganadel to retrieve those Energy, and then used Blacephalon’s Mind Blown attack at full force. (They will all be released in Lost Thunder.)

The Juniors division deck also employed the aforementioned Blacephalon-GX strategy, but used Ditto Prism Star to evolve into Alolan Muk or Salazzle-GX. (Ditto Prism Star will be released in Lost Thunder.)