New Tag Team Pokemon-GX in ‘Night Unison’ and ‘Full Metal Wall!’

As posted a few days ago, Japan’s January set will be named Night Unison. It will release on January 11th and feature 55 cards:


Judging by the dummy booster pack image, it’s almost certain the set will feature a Darkness-type Tag Team “Zoroark & Greninja-GX.” These dummy images usually feature at least three Pokemon, so for them to only show two is an obvious hint.

Even though October’s Dark Order will feature Dark-type Pokemon (and even a Zoroark), this set will again feature Dark Pokemon. Odd! Perhaps they want to supplement the power of the Darkness Pokemon from the earlier set with this one?

As also posted before, Japan’s February set will be named Full Metal Wall. It will feature 54 cards and release on February 1st:

“Buzzwole & Pheromosa-GX” are confirmed as a “sinister” Tag Team Pokemon-GX in the set. Neither are Steel-type, so perhaps the set name is referring to a unison of defense rather than a specific type? Both Pokemon are Bug / Fighting-type, so their GX will be either Grass or Fighting.

Both mini-sets will likely be combined into our May 2019 set in America and the rest of the world.

You think they’d release another Water-type set since everyone knows Water Pokemon are the serperior type. 🤔