More ‘Dark Order’ Teaser Info Released!

As we posted a few weeks ago, Dark Order will feature a new Hoopa-GX, Ampharos-GX, Absol, and an Incineroar that is Darkness-type. The set will focus on Darkness-, Metal-, and Lightning-type Pokemon.

New prerelease information has surfaced from hobby stores in Japan, who received the following information from Pokemon. The information comes from a small advertisement that is difficult to read, so we’ve noted where the info may be inaccurate:

  • A new Jasmine Supporter card will allow you to search your deck for up to (five?) Metal Pokemon and put them into your hand if one of your Metal Pokemon was Knocked Out last turn. Jasmine will also have a full art card in the set.
  • Steelix-GX is hinted to be in the set. It’s of course Jasmine’s signature Pokemon.
  • Ampharos-GX has an attack that can do 150 damage for one Energy when used with certain Trainer cards from Thunderclap Spark. For example, the attack could say that if Electro Power was used this turn, the attack does X more damage (in addition to the +30 boost from Electo Power). The ad specifically says several cards in the set were designed to work with cards from Thunderclap Spark.
  • Hoopa-GX will have an attack that targets Pokemon-GX and Pokemon-EX.
  • A new Stadium — likely a Prism Star — will focus on Darkness-type Pokemon. The text appears to say that if one of your Darkness Pokemon is Knocked Out while the Stadium is in play, your opponent takes one less Prize card.
  • Several cards in the set will utilize the Lost Zone, including a card that is rumored to force both players to put their hands into the Lost Zone.
  • The Metal Pokemon in the set are specifically designed to counter the Fairy Pokemon from Fairy Rise.
  • The set will feature strong non-GX Pokemon.

Dark Order will feature 52 cards and will release in Japan on October 5th.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!