More ‘Dragon Majesty’ Information Revealed!

More information has been revealed regarding Dragon Majesty, our special holiday mini-set that’s the English equivalent of Japan’s Dragon Storm!

The set will feature over 65 cards, including six regular Pokemon-GX cards.

This leaves one unknown GX card in the set. The official set description previously revealed the inclusion of Reshiram-GX and Dragonite-GX from Japan’s Dragon Storm as well as Salamence-GX from Japan’s Champion Road. Kingdra-GX and White Kyurem-GX from Dragon Storm will definitely be included as well. Could the sixth GX card be Mr. Mime-GX? Perhaps Palossand-GX? Or maybe the full art and rainbow rare Zekrom-GX?

The set will also feature four full art GX cards and four rainbow rare GX cards. We already know that rainbow rare Dragonite-GX and Kingdra-GX will be featured as promo cards in the upcoming “Dragon Majesty Premium Powers Collection.” This could lend credence to Zekrom-GX’s overall inclusion in the set, as it could be the fourth rainbow rare alongside Reshiram, Salamence, and White Kyurem.

Our English set will also includes two Prism Star cards (Victini and Lance) and two full art Supporter cards (Blaine’s Explosive Battle and Zinnia).

It’s also been revealed that the booster packs will contain 10 cards, including a basic Energy card and two guaranteed foil cards (a holo and reverse holo). As reported over the last few months, the booster packs can only be obtained in special promo products, such as the Latios and Latias Pin Collections. The English edition of the boxes were just revealed: