Winning Deck Lists from Japan Championships, Japan’s Tourney Format Changing!

The most prestigious Japanese tournament of the year — the Japan Championships — has just concluded!

Unsurprisingly, the winning deck lists for each age division employed the fearsome Rayquaza-GX, as you can see below. We will be getting the card in our Celestial Storm set in August. It will be legal for Worlds, so take note of these lists!

The winners were Masters division player Takuya Yoneda, Senior player Ituku Kitou, and Junior player Shunsuke Miyake. They will be heading to Worlds in August to represent Japan.

It was also announced at the tournament that Japan’s Standard format will be changing from XY and on to Sun & Moon and on (their Expanded format will remain Black & White and on). This means both of Japan’s formats will now align with ours! The new format will go into effect in September.