‘Let’s Go! Pikachu & Eevee’ Demos at E3!

Nintendo is currently holding a livestream from E3 where Junichi Masuda is exhibiting the demos for Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee!

Keep refreshing this page for updates! Here’s what’s been revealed so far…

  • It just started, Masuda is explaining how Pokemon GO inspired these games.
  • The demo has begun in Viridian Forest. They encounter a wild Kakuna. Like Pokemon GO, you no longer weaken a Pokemon, you just throw a Poke Ball. You’re given an option to throw a Berry at the Pokemon as well.
  • You gain EXP. Points from capturing a wild Pokemon which are shared among all Pokemon in your party. The EXP. Points depend on the size of the Pokemon.
  • You can do different throwing motions to capture a Pokemon. Later on in the games, Pokemon will be moving around, so you have to try different throwing techniques to catch them.
  • You can also get Items from Trainers you defeat, like 3 Poke Balls.
  • A red aura around a wild Pokemon indicates it’s a big Pokemon whereas a blue aura indicates it’s small. They want you to capture multiple Pokemon of the same species so you gain EXP. Points for your party.
  • A Pokemon still has all its usual stats (image above).
  • A second player can jump in at any time, like during a wild Pokemon encounter or in a Trainer battle. If you and a friend join a Trainer battle, it can be you and your Pokemon vs. that Trainer’s one Pokemon (2-vs-1).
  • Like in GO, the higher a Pokemon’s CP is, the higher its overall stats are.
  • The rival in the games is named Trace. He’s kind and gets scared easily. Not like Gary!
  • To enter Pewter Gym you have to have a Water or Grass Pokemon.

I’m currently first in line at E3 to play the demos myself and will report any additional news in a later news story on the site. Stay tuned!