Eeveelution-GX Starter Sets in November — Include Eevee-GX!

Japan will be releasing the original Eeveelutions as Pokemon-GX within special decks on November 23rd!

Each “Starter Set” will come with a 60 card deck featuring either Vaporeon-GX, Jolteon-GX, or Flareon-GX. The package will also include damage counters, a GX marker, a coin, a playmat, and a guide.

Each deck is listed as coming with two Pokemon-GX, which I would normally presume to be two copies of each Eeveelution-GX. However…

Also releasing on November 23rd will be a “Starter Set Lightning: Jolteon-GX / Eevee-GX Premium Edition.” Yes, the title specifically says Eevee-GX and even has the blue GX logo next to Eevee’s name.

So presumably, the three aforementioned decks will come with its Eeveelution-GX as well as a new Eevee-GX! This would make Eevee-GX the first pre-evolution to get its own GX card (Ash’s Pikachu-GX doesn’t count). Since it’ll be included in these decks, it would presumably be able to evolve into each Eeveelution-GX and they would be listed as evolving from Eevee-GX.

The premium edition deck will come with the contents of the aforementioned Jolteon-GX deck along with a holo Flareon promo, a holo Vaporeon promo, a deck box, and one pack each of Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Forbidden Light, Charisma of the Wrecked Sky, Explosive Impact, Champion Road, and Thunderclap Spark. The package will retail for 3,000 yen.

We will definitely get these cards in an upcoming set in America.

Also releasing on November 23rd are a pack of Eevee card sleeves. Each pack will come with 64 sleeves and cost 720 yen.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!