‘Shocking’ Pokemon Information to Air on ‘Oha Suta’ Tomorrow!

The teaser description for the May 31st episode of Japanese variety show Oha Suta has just been released. Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translation!

Earth shaking! We’ve obtained shocking news about Pokemon! Witness the moment a new history of Pokemon is born!

The news could likely reveal the Pokemon Switch games and if so should confirm some of the rumors that have been floating around, especially as there’s strong evidence for the titles of the games. That the description says a new “history” of Pokemon will be born also seems to hint that the rumors of revisiting Kanto could be true.

Oha Suta is mainly known for revealing news related to the Pokemon movies, so it’s unlikely the show will be the first to break news of the Pokemon Switch games (if that’s what they’re covering). The Pokemon Company itself will want to do that. Assuming the news is for the Switch games, we can expect an announcement to come from Pokemon either in the morning (within the next 7 hours) or tomorrow morning.

The Oha Suta episode will air Thursday in Japan at 7 AM, which is around 3 PM on Wednesday in California time.