‘Pokemon Quest’ Spinoff Announced for Nintendo Switch and Smartphones!

A new spinoff title will be released for the Nintendo Switch and smartphones called Pokemon Quest!

The game will be free-to-start and will feature Kanto Pokemon. You can face off against wild Pokemon and embark on many exciting expeditions. It uses the touch screen of the Switch or your smartphone to move around.

You get to decide which characteristics your Pokemon will have. You can use special items called Power Stones to strengthen your team. The kind of Pokemon they become is completely up to you!

The game takes place on the mysterious Tumblecube Island, which is known to be filled with hidden treasures and special items.

With a team of up to three Pokemon, you can explore the secrets of Tumblecube Island. Battle wild Pokemon, gather treasure, and even befriend new Pokemon – if you have the right ingredients, that is!

Update: The game is now available in the Nintendo eShop!