Zeraora in ‘CoroCoro’

This month’s issue of CoroCoro features Zeraora, but no new information has been revealed beyond some new artwork.

CoroCoro has been getting less and less exclusive information over the past several years as The Pokemon Company takes more control over their marketing. A few years ago, a TPCi employee told me the company despises news reveals in CoroCoro. I walked away from that conversation feeling like Pokemon wants to reveal everything themselves but is still contractually obligated to give Corocoro a few news bits. After all, up until a few years ago, magazines and fan websites were the primary gatekeepers of Pokemon news — the company relied on this, and probably made deals with advertisers like CoroCoro to always give them some sort of scoop in exchange for marketing their franchise. But now TPC has a strong social media presence, worldwide releases for their games, and thus no longer needs a local magazine to get the word out anymore.