Descriptions of Rayquaza-GX, Stakataka-GX, Sceptile, New Supporter in SM7!

We now have the official card teasers for SM7 Charisma of the Wrecked Sky. Like the SM7a and SM7b teasers from earlier today, the information was shared with us by Japanese store owners who received the teasers from Pokemon when they preordered the product. Thus, we can now confirm the earlier information is real.

The new Rayquaza-GX has an attack that accelerates Energy attachment to Rayquaza. This is exactly in line with previous Rayquaza cards like Rayquaza ex from EX Dragon, Rayquaza ex from EX Deoxys, etc. It has a second attack that uses all of your Energy in play, presumably to inflict damage to your opponent’s Active Pokemon.

The new Stakataka-GX will have an Ability that reduces damage from your opponent’s attacks to your Ultra Beasts.

A new Sceptile will appear in the set and will also be the alternate art promo you receive for purchasing a booster box. It has an Ability called Nature Power. Each of your Pokemon with any Grass Energy attached will receive no damage from the attacks of your opponent’s Ultra Beasts.

One of the set’s main selling points is that it will have stronger common and uncommon cards than usual. There’s a new Supporter card that will let you choose any one card from your deck and put it into your hand. Some of the set’s regular Pokemon will have HP as high as 220.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for translating this information! It seems Pokemon will be releasing these card teasers to store owners again, which they haven’t done since the mid-2000s. Funny that Bangiras was translating these teasers over 13 years ago and here we are again reporting them! The site’s 15th birthday is this summer (when the set releases), so it’ll be quite nostalgic to be covering a Hoenn set. #circleoflife