New 21st Pokemon Movie Trailer, Film Now Titled ‘Pokemon: Everyone’s Story’

Japanese TV show Oha Suta just aired a new trailer for the 21st Pokemon featuring Lugia!

The movie is now titled Pokemon: Everyone’s Story.

A mysterious young girl name Rarugo narrates the trailer. She is also seen defending an unseen Pokemon or human in the mountains in one shot.

The trailer showcases the previously-revealed girl from the film’s poster, Lisa, who is revealed to own an Eevee, along with a bunch of Trainers and their Johto Pokemon. There’s a street performer named Kagachi who owns a Sudowoodo, a researcher named Torito who owns a Chansey, and an old woman named Hisui who owns a Totodile, Togepi, Smoochum, and Marill.

Ash and Pikachu meet up with these Trainers and then Lugia flies over their city. We hear its Japanese theme music from the 2nd movie.

Zeraora was not revealed, though it will probably be featured in the movie like Marshadow in last year’s.

Update: Here’s video of the trailer from a Twitter user: