February ‘CoroCoro’: Shiny Poipole Distribution and TCG Promo, 21st Movie Scoop Next Month!

Thanks to a longtime friend in Japan, we now have images of February’s CoroCoro. We should be able to get early photos of CoroCoro from now on.


A shiny Poipole distribution will take place in Japan from March 2nd to April 9th. Players who go to participating stores will receive a serial code to download the Pokemon if they purchase a copy of the game or show the store they already own it. Based on past promotions, the code cards will probably be gone within a few days.

If you purchase five booster packs from those stores during the same period, you’ll also receive a one-card promo pack containing one of six promo cards. One of the cards will be a shiny Poipole promo. (The magazine notes shiny Naganadel is not one of the cards.) Pokemon’s website will reveal more details on Friday, perhaps revealing some of the cards.

These promotions are because Poipole is currently being featured in the Sun & Moon anime. Guess the franchise is stalling for time right now!

CoroCoro also promises to have a big scoop next month regarding the 21st movie featuring Lugia. It says that Lugia was always Ash’s ally in previous movies, but wonders what will it do this time. In other words, the magazine doesn’t have information about the movie yet.

Thanks goes to Bangiras and Franco T. for the translations!