Updated ‘Guzzlord-GX Box’ Image, Alternate Artwork!

The “Guzzlord-GX Box” will in fact come with an alternate art Guzzlord-GX promo!

As I noted in my product announcement story, “It is very likely the Guzzlord will use alternate artwork,” and then in my last news story when we had the first image, “Despite the product description stating Guzzlord is a promo, the Guzzlord doesn’t have new artwork and is a reprint of Guzzlord-GX from Crimson Invasion.”

Well, it turns out the first “Guzzlord-GX Box” image I posted was a prototype image or erroneous, which is pretty rare for English products nowadays. TPCi used to release product images with placeholder card images, but stopped doing so several years ago. So I’m guessing the first image was just a rare oversight.

As posted before, the product comes with a foil promo of Guzzlord-GX, a jumbo version of the same card, four booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. It’ll be released in America and Europe on January 5th.

This new Guzzlord-GX comes from Japan’s GX Battle Boost and is a reprint of the one from Crimson Invasion.