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‘Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’ Review Copies Out, Some Spoilers!

Review copies of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are out! Naturally, reviewers have posted info across social media.

It appears the games feature additional Ultra Beasts (or possibly Mythical Pokemon). One appears to be an evolution of UB Adhesive, which would make it the first evolving Ultra Beast outside Cosmog’s line. The TCG earlier implied there would be new Ultra Beasts, plus it makes sense some reveals would be saved for release.

Updates: New info since this post was initially made…

Pokemon Updates:

  • There are no new Alolan Pokemon.
  • Ultra Necrozma is Necrozma’s third “light” form, a Psychic/Dragon type, as seen above between Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane Necrozma. Its Attack and Special Attack stats are in the top 10 of all Pokemon and its base stat total is above Arceus.
  • #803 Poipole (UB Adhesive) evolves into #804 Naganadel via level-up with Dragon Pulse, changing from pure Poison to Poison/Dragon. Naganadel is a fast special attacker. Both are the Poison Pin Pokemon.
  • #805 Stakataka (UB Assembly) is the Rampart Pokemon. (“Stakataka” = “Stack” and “attacker.”)
  • #806 Blacephalon (UB Burst) is the Fireworks Pokemon. (“Blacephalon” = “Blast” and “cephalic,” a term for anything related to a head.)
  • #807 Zeraora is a new Mythical Pokemon. It’s pure Electric, speedy, and offensive. It has 600 BST.

Attack and Ability Updates:

  • Plasma Fists is a new attack. The user attacks with electrically charged fists. This move changes Normal-type moves to Electric-type moves. It’s probably Zeraora’s signature move.
  • Mimikyu’s new Z-Move is Let’s Snuggle Forever. It’s a physical Fairy move and does 190 damage. Mimikyu punches the target at full force.
  • The new Z-Crystals are Solganium Z, Lunalium Z, Ultranecrozium Z, Mimikium Z, Lycanium Z, and Kommonium Z.
  • Neuroforce is a new Ability that powers up moves that are super effective.

Story Spoilers and Other Info:

  • Team Rainbow Rocket wants to rule the different worlds by building an army of Ultra Beasts.
  • Hau is the Champion instead of Kukui.
  • The Elite Four members are Hala, Olivia, Acerola, and Molayne. The Kahunas are the same.
  • The trials are the same but there’s a new Fairy Trial for Mina and another unknown one.
  • Marowak, Araquanid, Togedemaru, and Ribombee are new Totem Pokemon.
  • You can get Surfing Pikachu in the game (or rather, a Pikachu that knows Surf) if you get the top rank at all four Surf Spots.
  • Ash appears in the coding, although his involvement/capacity in the final game is currently unknown.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a shiny lock on Pokemon available from the Ultra Wormholes, so you should be able to catch all the Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts as shiny Pokemon. Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, and the Tapus are still shiny locked.
  • Poipole is an in-game gift.

At the beginning of the games, you can directly leave your house and walk around instead of Professor Kukui talking to you endlessly (so less spoon-feeding by Gamefreak and improved story pacing). There’s a new patch of grass on Route 1 where you get your Starter Pokemon. The Ultra Recon Squad is involved early in the story. Lillie appears to be determined in the game’s first cut scenes versus frightful in the originals (implying a stronger personality). On the bridge where Nebby is trapped, Lillie heals your Pokemon and you also battle one of the Spearow trapping Nebby.

There’s been graphical, cinematic, color, and lighting changes, making the games look noticeably more polished than before.

The sprites and some of the updates above come from Twitter users @Demonslayerx8, @Kaphotics, and @SciresM.

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  1. I wonder how early we get ub sticky? Itd be awesome if we get it early id love to play through the game with it.
  2. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    I wonder if the new UBs in Ultra Prism are Poipole GX, Naganadle GX, Ultra Necrozma GX, Blacephalon GX, and Stakataka GX
  3. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    Also this means the first Pokemon of gen 8 will be number 808, I swear if it has a small regional dex again just so they can end at 888...

    A GX evolving into another GX?
  4. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    I don't see much of an issue :/ All the other UBs would be GXs so it would be strange to have him be the only non-GX UB. No matter what he's the odd one out :p
  5. Gruffling Aspiring Trainer


    Well that's assuming that they will never make standard cards for Ultra Beasts, others may already be slated for Ultra Prism. And if they did make those then a Naganedel-GX card would be forever locked to only evolving from a Poipole-GX and said would be the only GX card of an evolving Pokemon. I think the more likely option is we'll see standard cards of other Ultra Beasts with "Ultra Beast" in lower case like owned cards or Delta Species. And then some kind of support cards (and counters) will start rolling out for Ultra Beasts or else there isn't much point in having that distinction on the GX card.
  6. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I'm not expecting any new megas, I just want to know if they will be in the game and legal for VGC.
  7. professorlight Ice Queen


    So we don't get any new interesting new pokemon and alolan forms to add to a very, very small generation, but we do get:
    • An ultra beast that, somehow, evolves.
    • Some kind of Super Saiyan form to an ultra beast that already had gotten kyuremed twice. In the same game. Oh, right, and it's stronger than God Himself.
    • Two new ultra beasts.
    • Somehow, a third mythical pokemon.
    But really, I should probably thank Gamefreak, this blatant disregard for the pokemon that actually make the game and the pokemon world fun and interesting makes it so much easier to abandon the games entirely.
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  8. Brooskey Aspiring Trainer


    Not gonna lie, Ultra Necrozma is about as ugly as it gets. Zeraoramon looks alright I guess, I mean it's literally a thunder cat. Naganadel looks pretty cool though, looking forward to seeing it as a full-art GX.
  9. Caleb Collects I dont like pokemon the movie i choose you
    Caleb Collects


    omg i cant believe ash was in the coding!! hopefully he will be one of the champions. like how red and blue were the pokemon champions in sun and moon
  10. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    Normally, I avoid spoilers for the Pokemon games and I'm fine with not being shown every aspect of a game before playing, but Gamefreak showed so little of these games until recently, I just felt like I needed something more. My interest in these games has been so low for such a long time. They're finally interesting enough, I guess. (I knew I'd get one of the games, but still.)

    The lack of a shiny lock for the legendary Pokemon from Ultra Wormholes is neat! Though I haven't worked on this for quite a while, I was shiny hunting legendaries in Omega Ruby after getting the Shiny Charm. Got a shiny Reshiram and Cresselia. I was going after Ho-oh next, but got distracted... But I digress.

    I just don't see Hau as the Champion. "Yipee! I did it!" he exclaims as he continually jumps up and down while pumping both fists in the air. :rolleyes: But who knows. The artwork for Hau in these games gave him a serious look on his face. If Lillie is more determined in these games, maybe Hau could be too. That, I could buy a bit more.
    Though others mentioned the lack of Alolan forms too, you took the words out of my mouth. It really does seem like a missed opportunity. Especially since they only gave these forms to a handful of Gen 1 Pokemon. Like, I get that the first Gen is the most popular, but do we really need to only cater to that Generation? Even though X & Y didn't receive their third game(s), I felt like Sun & Moon would, and then those would introduce Alolan forms outside of Gen 1. But I guess not.

    Perhaps in the 8th Gen, we'll get more regional variants. (inb4 they're all Gen 1 Pokemon again or Gamefreak comes up with some other gimmick and ditches regional variants like they did with Megas.)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
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  11. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    0-0 that's all i got to say.
  12. SuperHoopa Aspiring Trainer


    I don't know about you guys, but in my opinion, Zeraora has an amazing design. I've heard all around that it just looks like a mixture of Luxray and Shiny Mega Lucario, but I personally think that another cat like Pokemon is great (Disregarding Incineroar, because he's more of a tiger), although I do agree with everyone that they missed a good opportunity to make it Electric/Fighting rather than just Electric.
    I also really wish that Mythical Pokemon would have more of an impact on the actual storyline, instead of you just receiving them, and maybe a little snippet of story to go with it. And if Zeraoro is indeed a mythical, this might confirm a Generation 9, and/or a sequel. Because, Hoopa/Volcanion were in XY, then distributed in ORAS, Marshadow was in SM, then distributed very late in the game's released, then had a movie and TCG set themed around it, so unless Zoraoro is distributed in USUM, which I somehow doubt, we'll still be getting newer mainstream Pokemon games, but I still have no idea what could happen in them.
    Also, just a random detail, Zoraoro looks a lot similar to Ryuki, probably just a coincidence, though.
  13. Francis Tallo Aspiring Trainer
    Francis Tallo


    Zeraora, why do you have to be pure Electric? It looks so much like part Fighting.
    The same goes for Luxray (Electric>Electric/Dark), Xurkitree (Electric>Electric/Bug), Ampharos (Electric/Normal), Eelekross (Electric>Electric/Water), etc.
  14. TheRealBro.. Relax


    Exactly. That's what I'm afraid of too. This idea of regional forms was simply brilliant and could make a lot of Pokemon from many gens interesting again with little effort but they already drop it in the same Gen it was invented in? But we do get more Z-moves (yawn) and Ultra Beasts, because they are more flashy probably.. Together with the rapid discontinuation of Mega's (which was also an okay idea imo) this worries me. Gamefreak just makes a lot of poor choices lately it seems and consistency is completely lost. Why do 20 (or so) Pokemon Mega evolve but the other 750 (or so) do not? And why do only 10 gen 1 Pokemon have regional forms? Questions they do not really care about at Gamefreak I guess.
  15. HouchinsDJ Aspiring Trainer


    People who are complaining about these games need to put things in perspective...

    Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum were slightly enhanced versions of their respective generations. They offered a few new story elements, but were overall the same games. HeartGold, SoulSilver, OmegaRuby, AlphaSapphire were remakes. They added tons of new content compared to the originals, but didn't introduce new Pokémon to the franchise. Black 2 and White 2, while offering a new story, didn't introduce new Pokémon to the franchise.

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are introducing several new Ultra Beasts and a new Mythical to the franchise. They're also adding tons of new features and a completely alternate storyline, and it looks like it's going to have strong post-game content between the Team Rainbow Rocket story arc and the Battle Agency. And I haven't even covered how much bigger the competitive scene is about to get between the expanded Pokédex, Move Tutors, hidden abilities, and whatever else I'm forgetting to mention. What I'm trying to say is that I don't understand why people are writing these games off because there's no new Alolan forms or Mega Evolutions. They've already added more content than the majority of their past "third installment" games.
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  16. EarthwormZim Aspiring Trainer


    I agree with what you said, and I'm still getting the games. But it doesn't change the fact that not including new Alolan Forms is a huge missed opportunity. Especially since next Gen they will be all but abandoned just like Megas were. Even ORAS, which were remakes and not a "third game" of XY, added new Megas. I know they added some new Z Crystals but honestly Z Crystals are pretty underwhelming.

    I'm just hoping that the new Alolan Dex is good. Aren't there supposed to be like 100 more than in SuMo (has it been spoiled yet somewhere?)? I'm also hoping for really good Move Tutor support to make VGC that much more interesting.
  17. HouchinsDJ Aspiring Trainer


    I agree that no new Alolan Forms is a missed opportunity, but it doesn't change the fact that these games are packed with more than enough new content to justify playing. Who knows what future generations will include. While I doubt there will be more "Alolan" forms in the next generation because it won't take place in Alola, I could see them making new forms for older Pokémon based off of whatever region they come up with next. That's obviously speculation, but I think that since Alolan Forms are so popular, and actually make sense from a realistic standpoint, I could see them implementing the concept moving forward.

    For the sake of not spoiling anything, I'm not going to post the new Alolan Dex here, but it is available online and it doesn't disappoint. I think it's more than 100, but I don't have a solid number for you at the moment. And I wanna say there's somewhere around 80 Move Tutor moves available? I read up on it yesterday, but again I don't have a solid number off the top of my head. VGC will definitely be interesting though.
  18. EarthwormZim Aspiring Trainer


    Oh wow, that's a good number of move tutor moves. If you don't mind, could you PM me the link with the leaked info? I can't seem to find it anywhere -_-
  19. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Staff Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Ultra Beasts are just Pokemon from another world, and we already have one that evolves, so getting another isn't that strange. Also, the Mega Mewtwos and the mega weather trio all have higher BSTs than Arceus, so that's not strange either. They have higher stats than Ultra Necrozma, but Neuroforce probably puts it on par with them in terms of strength. Probably. Maybe. I dunno lol

    I want to know what the deal is with Zeraora. Ultra Beasts can be explained away via Ultra Space, but what the hell is Lightning the Hedgehog doing in my Pokemans?

    Anyway, Pokemon has definitely jumped the shark with this generation. It has definitely gotten easier to not give a shit about this franchise.

    At least the TCG is fun.
  20. professorlight Ice Queen


    That's all true, but what I meant was that the UBs are on par with the legend trios and the such, that is, powerful, one-per-game, unique pokemon, so every new pokemon of this half of the generation (and let's not forget that the first half of this gen was smaller than the sixth, even) is basically like a new tapu or legendary bird (plus two or three main legends). That means that they place a heavy emphasis on unique, "cool", legendaries/mythical/trios/ultra beasts that you'll probably get in the postgame (and would be far too powerful for the main game anyway) instead of making new pokemon that you actually can use to play the story.

    It depends how you look at it; I'm sure competitive players are delighted to have new heavy hitters to liven up the metagame a little, but if you play for the story, the post-game UB and legendary hunt means very little, really; I'd much rather get six new regular pokemon lines that give more variety to possible playthroughs and showcase GF's true talent than new super cool ultra beasts and impressive-looking legends that are no fun unless you fight competitively against teams of the same caliber.

    I don't want to seem a genwunner, but the best analogy I can think of is that in gen1, Charizard and Blastoise were the hook, the great beasts that enticed you to play with them, when you saw them on the boxes, and the birds and Mewtwo were a complete secret unless you happened to explore where they were; you would spend your entire game with them, and maybe catch the others, but really late.
    But now, we get a game that out of remarkably few new additions to the pokedex, had a vast array of new, powerful trio-like pokemon (ultra beasts, plus this second, smaller wave), plus a bona fide trio (the tapus), plus two main legends (Solgaleo and Lunala), plus a third one (Necrozma) who kyuremizes them (into the Necrozma forms) and it also evolves or something again (into Ultra Necrozma! it's only missing a mega), and to top it all, you can also catch almost all of the old legendaries (big and small) in these games.
    I mean, it is getting a little ridiculous now, right?